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    Volt Tackle Pichu + Fossil Pokemon + Items

    Doing a massive giveaway from my Platinum game: 18 Volt Tackle Pichu, 8 various fossil pokemon, and various items. The Pichus are legit, I transferred the parents and a light ball one of them held from Ruby. Pichu - Male Pichu - Female Fossils (all at level 20) Items (evo stones...
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    Looking for a Razor Claw

    Hi! I want to evolve a Sneasal for my ice-type team in Black 2, but I don't have the Razor Claw required for it. Does anyone have a spare they're willing to part with? I'll be able to trade today and for the rest of the week, so let me know if you want to help.
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    Looking for Snover

    I'm looking for a Snover with Snow Warning in order to help build up a team of Ice-types in Black 2. I can offer a male Adamant Axew in exchange. :) FC: 5244-0942-6506 I'll be available today and all weekend to trade. Contact me here or send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks in advance!
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    Gastly Needed

    Hi! I was wondering if someone had a spare Modest or Timid Gastly they could trade to me for Black 2? I need one to complete a ghost-type team. I won't be able to trade tonight, but I will be available at about 11 AM/12 PM EST tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
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    Drought Vulpix

    I'm looking for a Vulpix with Drought to use on a future all Fire-type team. I don't care about gender, nature, or characteristic. I'm willing to trade a female Hidden Grotto Seviper for it. She's Hardy and knows Screech, Venoshock, Glare, and Poison Fang. I'm available to trade whenever...
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    Golett and Ducklett--Need Help Trading between B and B2

    ... Hi? I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but I need help. I bred a Golett and Ducklett in Black, and I need another user's help to get them onto my Black 2 cartridge. Would anyone care to help?
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    Adamant Hidden Grotto Pachirisu

    Hi everyone! I caught a hidden grotto Pachirisu just a few minutes ago, but I don't need it. Anyone want it? First come, first serve. I'll be available up until 10 PM EST (which is my timezone, I think?), and I'll also be available all weekend. Pachirisu - Female - Adamant (Likes to run)...
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    Seeking Sawk

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a Sawk to use on my team in Black 2. I'd prefer it if it had Sturdy, but the nature/characteristic and level doesn't matter. I can trade you Mincinno (male), Combee (male), Deerling (female), and N's Zorua. The first three have their hidden abilities. Thank you...
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    Looking for Archen

    Hi guys! I'm looking for an Archen to use in my team in Black 2. I'm in Virbank City right now, so I can only give any trade pokemon from the complex or any of the preceding routes. I don't care about its gender or nature/characteristic. Thanks in advance!
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    Elekid/Electabuzz and Drifloon

    I'm looking for Elekid and Drifloon to add my to fledgling team in Platinum. I'm not looking for a specific gender or nature for either of them. However, I'd like the Drifloon to have Aftermath. Elekid's ability doesn't matter. Don't have Elekid? I'll take a low level Electabuzz too...
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    Offering Shiny Haxorus

    I caught the shiny Haxorus from the Nature Preserve, but I honestly have no need for it. Plus, I'm restarting my game soon, and I really don't want to see it get erased. First come, first serve applies. Haxorus (shiny) - Female - Quirky nature (Good perseverance) - Caught in Nature Preserve...
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    Offering N's Zorua, Zekrom, DW Pokemon, & Hidden Grotto Pokemon. 1st Come, 1st Serve

    I'm looking to clear out my boxes in Black 2, so I'm hosting a small giveaway. First come first serve applies, and any not claimed will be released. Most of the DW and HG pokemon have nicknames, but I'm willing to change them before we trade. Anything in bold means that it's been taken, and...
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    Seeking Murkrow

    Hi there! I'm looking to have Murkrow on my team in Platinum. I don't care about its nature or gender, but I'd like for it to have the ability Super Luck and know Drill Peck. Any takers? I've only gotten the first badge and I'm level grinding to get my second, so I'll trade whatever I catch...
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    Looking for Unevolved Pokemon

    Hello! As the title suggests, I'm looking for unevolved pokemon to evolve on my own and fill my pokedex in SoulSilver, instead of going to another thread and begging for all of the evolutions at the same time. I have fourteen boxes full of pokemon to trade, all of them either caught in my SS...
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    Wanted: Frillish

    Hello everyone! I've restarted Black, and would like to have a Frillish at where I am now (about to enter Nacrene City), instead of waiting to beat Skyla and getting Surf. I don't care about gender, nature, or ability. Any helpers? My FC is in my signature.
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    Help with Choosing Final Team Member? [Gen IV]

    I'm playing Platinum for the second time and I've chosen Turtwig as my starter. I plan to have Torterra, Luxray, Gyarados, Staraptor, and Houndoom (or Rapidash), but I'm stuck on what the final party member should be. I want it to be an Ice type, but I'm stuck on what I should choose. Help?
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    Treecko Giveaway

    These Treecko are all leftover from breeding my Sceptile and I'm hosting a giveaway. All of them are male, at level 1, and have the following move set: Pound, Leer, Sunny Day, SolarBeam. I have the following natures: (Anything in bold means they're taken) In exchange, I would like any of...
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    Looking for Deino

    Hello! I want a female Deino to add to my current team. However, I don't want one bred for me, I just want one caught from Victory Road and then traded over. I only have two boxed Pokemon that I can send (a Brave Lillipup and a Calm Pansage), but I can definitely catch a Pokemon of your...
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    Looking for a Rufflet

    Hi there! I'm replaying Black at the moment and would love to try out Rufflet for my main team, since I've already played through with Unfezant and the other native Unova flying types. I'm training for Clay right now, but is anyone willing to trade? I'll be online at noon Monday GMT and then...
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    Um, hi? :D

    I've been meaning to become a member of the forum for quite some time now, but I just now got the chance to register. So... hello. I'm Julia, and I'm 19. I've been a Pokemon fan since I was 7 and got teased for playing the games and reading the Adventures manga in high school, but I ignored...