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    GEN VI: Any Cacnea/Cacturne? Also maybe Ferroseed?

    I'm deperately seeking either to trade for a Cacnea or a Cacturne, or at least find someone with them in Friend Safaris, I dunno what my Friend Safari is and what can offer in ruturn but I can try my best. I can breed Froakies and Chespins for you, as well as Squirtles. I'm also looking...
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    GEN VI: Looking for Dittos with specific natures

    Hi there! While I've caught a lot of Ditto, I'm getting kind of frustrated because I am having a hard time getting ones with an Adamant, Calm or Timid nature. I would be looking for any Dittos with those 3 natures to round out my ditto collection with coverage of those good natures. I don't...