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  1. noworry

    Style Thread (New Styles: PMD Blue and Red!)

    how's this coming along?
  2. noworry

    Style Thread (New Styles: PMD Blue and Red!)

    I remember there being talk about a summer style? is there still plans for that? I think it'd be nice, especially now that the last month of spring is coming up.
  3. noworry

    FAQ: Forum Update: Question & Suggestion Thread

    it kinda hurts my eyes tbh, I imagine it’s the same for some others, especially people with worse sight or more sensitive eyes. other than that I can’t say I understand the connection between lightbulbs and making everything bright grayscale?
  4. noworry

    ~Bulbagarden Community Question of the Week~ Final Question - What was your favourite previous question from this thread and why?

    the fact that there’s lights and joy in the middle of the darkest time of the year. we see daylight half an hour a day if we’re lucky (yes for real). without the holidays i do think december would be hella depressing.
  5. noworry

    What is the User Above Known For?

    known for NERD
  6. noworry

    ~Bulbagarden Community Question of the Week~ Final Question - What was your favourite previous question from this thread and why?

    my dad doesn’t like video games so until i was 10 the only console we had was a ps2 with some soccer and racing games. when i was about 10 i got a DS from my grandparents and the first game i had for it was nintendogs. after a year or so i bought soul silver because i saw lugia on the box and...
  7. noworry

    Rate the Pokemon above you [v3]

    9/10 zorua?
  8. noworry

    Music What song is stuck in your head right now?

    let it go from frozen. i honestly really like the song though, even after hearing it like 5000 times lol...
  9. noworry

    Art Gallery General Chat Thread

    depends a lot on what kind of drawings you wanna do, the above thread is a good place to start, though.
  10. noworry

    Post the first three things that come to mind

    food snow car
  11. noworry

    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    i'm aaaaight
  12. noworry

    Explain Your Avatar

    is a doggo i made
  13. noworry

    Pool - Will you buy any version of Sword and Shield?

    i've decided not to. at the start i was very excited for the games, they looked really promising, but what they have shown so far (and a bit of what i've seen in leaks) makes them look very rushed and overall they feel like downgrades compared to past gens. yet they cost more than usual. i just...
  14. noworry

    An open-World Pokemon Game (Talking like Breath of the Wild)

    i do like the idea of an open world pokémon game, personally. especially if you put down regular paths and kind of treated it as a more realisic version of the routes we have now. i wouldn't want it as wide as the area in botw though. breath of the wild's main focus is the open area, while...
  15. noworry

    Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

    THEY DONT? :0
  16. noworry

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: P-P-P-Pokemon!

    oh cold weather is def better. who doesn’t love a good ol’ frost bite or some nice slippery roads.
  17. noworry

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: P-P-P-Pokemon!

    AC? hah. there is not such thing, only space heaters and fireplaces.
  18. noworry

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: P-P-P-Pokemon!

    i melt in anything above 20 tbh.
  19. noworry

    RANDOM MESSAGES 16: P-P-P-Pokemon!

    hilda! and 20C is perrfect.