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  1. SammyW27

    World Championships in the anime

    And it looks like I was right, if PM20 is any indication... Though I'm not happy about it... :cry: We can only hope and pray to Arceus they bring in established characters later.
  2. SammyW27

    World Championships in the anime

    "Strongly implying" and "actual happens" are different things. Heck, the Show has implied/foreshadowed/set up things that never came to be several times, so they could very well no do it here as well...
  3. SammyW27

    World Championships in the anime

    Agreed, but chances are that won't happen. Why bring back old characters and let people out of the Not Animated Prison when you can just make up a COTD, say he or she is a great trainer, and call it a day? Mind you, I'd like to be wrong, but I know this series too well. Especially THIS saga...