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  1. Plastro

    A question from a forum lurker

    Salutations, I noticed that Bulbagarden overhauled their forums as of late; my question is what happened to the Debate and discussion section about Politics? I don't know who to ask so I post here in this section. I always wanted to debate or glean information about the culture of the forum...
  2. Plastro

    What Animal is Eevee based on?

    Greetings and salutations fellow forumers, I am asking for help or advice here because Bulbapedia is seen as the most comprehensive Pokémon encyclopedia on the web by most accounts. Therefore I assume this community would be considered the most knowledgeable on this topic of Pokémon. My...
  3. Plastro


    Hello Bulbagarden, I'm new and joined this forum due to Bulbapedia's reputation of being the most comprehensive Pokémon site on the web. My history with the Pokémon franchise started out like most fans; I was caught up in the initial surge of popularity until public interest waned as time...