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    Review DP149: Pikachu, Pochama, Keep Apart!!

    Not much is shown apart from Pikachu and Pochama fall in love after a argument . Also Hikari recalls Pochama but it gets out on its own to be with Pikachu. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/DP149
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    Oddballs art.

    Here I will put some of my fan art I have done and am working on. most of the stuff will be fully digital and the odd thing drawn on dead wood. First up a WIP of Lugia (at half size) It is taken from the scan that contained info an HGSS. I have extracted the line art using the pen tool in...
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    Review DP108: Mio Gym Match! Steel Battle!!

    The Christmas episode sees Satoshi attempt to win his 6th badge. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/DP108
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    Treasure Hunt

    The aim of this game is to take a photo of a requested Item the fasted and post it up on the board. For example; Find a copy of the first 'Harry Potter' book. The winner would be something like this: Rules: 1)It must be your photo and to prove it have a peace of paper with your forum name...
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    The Continued Journey [PG]

    A bit of information first, this story takes place in Kanto after the Battle Fronter series, Ash and the others have gone on to new places, we now see what happened after, in a time that will define the region. This fiction will use the locations and people of the animé but it goes of at a...
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    Hello, Ive been lurking for some time so why not sign up.