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    DragSpam RMT

    Greetings to the battle center, I'm here today requesting help on this time more then a rate of it so much. Despite my slowing interest in the game and lack of time to devote myself like I used to, I've been determined and tasked to craft a team consisting of 3 Dragon-types, or DragSpam to be...
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    Pokemon Adventures RMT Silver

    Well this is going to be my first technical RMT I suppose. Although it isn't exactly a team I plan on using too often in competitive play or such. At least maybe not. Anyway, some friends and I devised a challenge for some other friends in a group of ours. We would re-create the legendary teams...
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    Breeding Leftovers with Tons of Egg Moves

    Finally yesterday marked the day of the completion of my Pokedex, 718 caught in the National Dex. Because of this, all thats left to do is breed, train, battle and get those unique egg moves on Pokemon along with any shinies I can manage. Right now, I have quite a bit of leftovers thanks to...
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    Shiny Zubat 5IVs with Brave Bird/Defog

    Its all in the title. Its got a IV spread of 31/31/31/x/31/31 with the egg moves Brave Bird and Defog. Ive bred it myself in Kalos so its completely legit. All im really looking for in return are Kalos-born Shinies with 5-6IVs and egg moves as well. Best offer that I see ill go for. I...
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    Breeding Leftovers and Shinies

    Well its about that time to clear up my boxes. This isnt going to be a permanent shop or anything but I might update it here and there. For the sake of simply trying to trade and obtain shinies, i have a few leftovers with various IVs. Ill update this post with the IVs in a second but I wanted...
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    New Team Help

    In bit of a pickle here. This really doesn't qualify as a RMT yet since i have no final product so I guess this is kind of like a extensive Complete My Team. Anyway, trying to come up with a team that needs to have Sceptile in it. I mean mandatory. Been sketching out some rough drafts, my...
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    GEN VI: Modest Heatran w/ HP Ice

    Title says it all, Modest Heatran, preferably with good IVs and most importantly Hidden Power Ice. RNG is alright! Cloning, I dont really care what it takes as long as its English and legit. I dont have much to offer except an extra Celebi, Heatran, Cresselia that ive yet to get rid of. If...
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    Gamestop Giratina and others

    Hey guys, this thread is probably going to get updated as I go along but I am mostly trading some shinies ive collected. Shiny Giratina (Lv100) Gamestop Event Brave Nature w/ Pressure Shiny Scizor (Lv92) Adamant Nature w/ Technician Shiny Butterfree (Lv50) Modest Nature w/ Compound Eyes and...
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    GEN VI: LF: Modest Rotom w/ HP Ice

    After many failed attempts, I am at a loss for obtaining this mandatory Poke on my team. Like the title says, I simply (not simply its actually proven to be a hassle) need a Rotom w/ Modest Nature and Hidden Power Ice. What I have available for trade: Heart Scales PP Ups Cresselia...
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    Sign Ups Naruto: The Shadow Chronicles

    The time for peace and prosperity have finally arrived. As the Fourth Shinobi War has finally ended, the world we know today has finally been granted happiness. Ninja villages no longer fighting. Criminal activities coming to a close. Ninjas living in harmony without any means to cause violence...
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    Freshly Hatched Togepis

    Hello everyone, I happened to land a Japanese Togepi from Wonder Trade so ive started making eggs. Im aiming for 5-10 but im waiting to see how many more people want them. Im not too picky for anything but id like to fill up my Pokedex in anyway I can. Especially looking for Friend-Safari...
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    Ok! After scanning through the Wanted Station, i have taken note of the large amount of Ditto requests. So! I have decided to try and help anyone out who needs him. I'm currently catching Ditto as we speak, as many as I can with just Repeat Balls so if you need one, let me know. I have 3 in...
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    Greetings Everyone

    Hello and greetings members. Just been stumbling on this site for a while now and ive decided to make an account. Bit about myself, im a pretty basic Pokemon fan following the main series games. Just got Black 2 and a 3DS and hoping to get Y on its release date. Ive been on a little hiatus...