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  1. J

    Looking for a Treecko egg to replace my starter

    Hey guys, I just started Black 2 and since I've played through Unova with all of its starters already I was hoping to find someone willing to trade me a Treecko egg to use instead of my Snivy. I'm specifically looking for an egg because I want it to have me as its OT. I don't really have...
  2. J

    Jungleboook's Poorly-Named Sprite Thread

    Hello, world. I've decided to show you some pixel 'art'. Scratch Animations Splices Please tell me what you think.
  3. J

    Swarms of Platypus Rabbits Ingest Turtles Everyday, Shockingly.

    Banner above may take a while to load. ________________________________________________________________________________ So I've decided to remake my sprite shop. Please give credit wherever you decide to use these sprites. To use any spritesI post, press 'quote' on the post and copy the...
  4. J

    The Sprite Shop With The Worst Name Ever

    Hello, peoples. I have a shop now! Lol the slogan makes it sound like this is the best shop. *laughs* :P What I can do: Scratch sprites- Sprites made from no other sprites, Splices- Two or more pokemon sprites spliced together, Fakemon- A splice, recolour or scratch sprite of your fakemon...
  5. J

    Ingame Challenges

    We appeared to be lacking a thread for these. :) ( My first time making a thread in this forum even though I've posted a fair bit before, well a fair bit for me anyways.) basically, sign up for one if ingame turns out to be too boring for you. You can do them in any main series pokemon game...