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    DANGAN RONPA You walk to the gates, the letter in your hands, why you still can't believe that you even got accepted to Hope's Peak Academy, you're actually feeling quite pleased with yourself as you cross over, through the gates. Then it feels like there's a flash and everything goes blank...
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    The 78th Annual Hunger Games! (The Hunger Games Reboot) [Non-Pokemon RP]

    The 78th Annual Hunger Games "Welcome to the 78th Annual Hunger Games!" Bellowed the game master into his microphone, his voice filling the arena, "May the odd be ever in your favour! Now it is with pleasure that I say, Let the Games BEGIN!" This is the 78th Annual Hunger Games, no rebellion...
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    Adventure Time RP?

    I'm not too sure how many people are really into Adventure Time on here, but anyways I'm considering starting an RP for it ^_^. But like most things I probably won't make it unless there are a few people interested because I'm lazy. So anyway, it wouldn't be like one where you play as the...
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    The Hunger Games [Non-Pokemon RP]

    The Hunger Games “Welcome to the 78th Hunger Games!” The voice boomed into the arena. “Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favour!” All tributes stood, waiting for the two minutes to end, or the mines below would blow them to pieces. Waiting for the signal, that let them...
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    The Hunger Games [Non-Pokemon RP] [Sign up's open!]

    The Hunger Games “Welcome to the 78th Annual Hunger Games!” They chirped, without a care in the world, “May the odds be ever in your favour! Now let's get started!” They dip their hand into the glass ball and pull out a piece of paper, “Our tributes are......” More Info: This is the 78th...
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    Hunger Games RP? (again. Co-GM and interest needed this time.)

    Right ok, so I put a Hunger Games RP up in March, not much interest was shown at the time but, recently some people have started to show interest in the RP. I'd be willing to put up another SU because I've noticed some faults in what I've written and make a new map. But help for it will be...
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    The Hunger Games [Non-Pokemon RP]

    THE HUNGER GAMES "Welcome to The 67th Annual Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favour!" The gong sounded, signalling that we only had a minute to take in our surrondings. I looked around at the other 23 tributes and prepared myself... Plot Every year, as a reminder of The Dark Days...
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    Hunger Games RP?

    Ok well I know, a couple had already been started after I looked it up because I kind of remembered vaguely seeing one before I'd read the books, I don't think any of the RPs are still going though. So in short, I was going to start one and just wanted to see if there's any interest in a Hunger...
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    MCR Killjoy Type Thing

    Well I was recently thinking maybe doing like a My Chemical Romance Killjoy type RP. I wanted more ideas for it maybe and to see before I posted it up if anyone here even likes My Chemical Romance or would be interested in joining an RP like this?
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    The Anime Worlds CONNECTED! (SU's are forrrrrreeeeeeever open!)

    The Anime Worlds: CONNECTED! Things were going well in The Anime Worlds....everyone was enjoying themselves, there were lots of people making new friends, discovering cool places, and maybe some places they might not enjoy visiting and might avoid for the rest of their lives. But it was like...
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    The Anime Worlds CONNECTED!

    The Anime Worlds....CONNECTED! "The worlds they're all connected," Tamaki cried as he stood with a few others from different worlds. One of those people was a strange bluhaired girl who called herself Konata. "Any anime or manga that has ever existed, I could be a part of it," Konata...
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    Anime RPs anyone?

    Well, I'm a big anime and manga fan as you all probably know!!!! :D ANd I was thinking of maybe seeing if anyone was interested in any of the following Mangas/Animes because I'd like to have a co-GM to give me a hand. Right here we go: +Anima Ouran High School Host Club K-ON! Lucky Star...
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    Missing Mystery : A Pokemon RP

    MISSING MYSTERY! "Hello," Professor Greene said to the crowd of people who had just come rushing through the laboratory doorway and into the room. She examined every single face, there were quite a few people here. "I'm Professor Greene, I assume you all know me from previous occasions but I...
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    Twilight Academy [Non Pokemon RP]

    Twlilight Academy No, you will not know me, but I write you a letter now, from the stony, castle like walls of Twilight Academy. A school where only those who we believe have true potential come. Some come to study, others come to become better or to fufill their ambitions. Some may even come...
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    The Tunnels Under The World

    THE TUNNELS UNDER THE WORLD "Wait just a moment!" Kazia called as her older sister, Dawn, the blonde haired girl who looked so much liker herself. "No, you can catch up!" Dawn called as she ran across the green grass, that felt cold under he feet in the twilight. Kazia sighed and tied the diasy...
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    Anime Worlds [Su's]

    ~THE ANIME WORLD!~ Welcome tp the Anime World Now the colours are all disappearing and portals to other Anime Zones have started appearing people are starting to get worried. Those who want to join together and defeat these people who are destroying their precious zone's colours have all...
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    Kisfus: A Pokemon Adventure

    Welcome To Kisfus! Welcome to Kisfus, you are in a room in the lab with the other two members of your team, time to meet them and set off and begin this journey! Just one thing I'd like you to remember, have fun! So it's (finally) time to get started, remember the rules now here's where the...
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    Kisfus: A Pokemon Adventure

    KISFUS! Welcome to this world, I see that you are new here, I should introduce myself. My name is Prf. Grey; I study the activity and habitats of local Pokémon. But recently I have wanted to expand my horizons, but I am reaching an old age, and cannot travel across this region to find out...
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    Nightmare (Non Pokemon RP)

    NIGHTMARE The day you fell unconcious, was the day, that you were trapped in your worst Nightmare ever. Plot A man called the Dream Thief, a man who cannot live without seeing the pain of others, has selected you to be bought into the 'Dream World' as nice as it sounds you soon work...
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    Missing Colours

    Malcom McGray looked at the trainers around him, he cleared his throat, "I assume ypu have all heard of the colour loss in our world," He said pausing and examining every trainer, "I hope you understand that if we keep losing colour as we are losing it at the moment then we will be left without...