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    Starting off a story

    I have full-bodied, fleshed-out characters, plenty of backstory, and a lot of plot, all carefully revised and crafted over the last three years. But my main concern just seems to be starting it off. How do you guys usually start a story off?
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    What's your favorite and least favorite school subjects? And why?

    I love school. I'll be honest. It's pretty fun. But I've always wondered why people tend to hate certain subjects. For example, I love history. And math. And science. I think people hate history because of the way it's presented. But I love it because I like to think of the names I read...
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    Some of my art

    Lately, I've noticed that my art on DeviantART isn't getting a whole lot of attention. So I thought I'd bring some of it here. All of them are OCs that I'm going to be using in an upcoming fanfiction. But it seems to be taking a while, because I'm still trying to do research on the stuff in it...
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    What do you think this is?

    Ignore that thing on the left because I know it's a monkey, but what do you think the thing on the right is? Just curious.
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    I can't go to my profile!

    I've gone all over the forums, but no matter what I click on, I can't go to my profile. Sigh... I always get this instead. So, uh... what could be the reason why? EDIT: Wait, I get the same thing when I try to go to other users' profiles. And it's only happening to those on my friends...
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    Just how can anyone who hasn't registered be allowed to post?
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    COMPLETE: Excuses (Non-Pokemon, original fiction)

    I'm part of our school's Power of the Pen group, and I wrote this for the prompt "Write about something that won't go away." In this case, it was an idea. I think it's pretty good, and I'd just like to get some feedback on what you all think about it. Also, I hid a little reference in there...
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    Random Images

    If we have Random Messages, why not Random Images? No rules, just make sure to post an image or at least a link to one. Just nothing pornographic, okay? Also, it would help if you could put large images under spoilers. We have yet another hole in the ceiling.
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    Two questions

    1. How do you find out how many infraction points you have? 2. Why do you need to click the 'Remember me' box whenever you log in?
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    So Bad It's Horrible

    Post stuff that you don't like in general. Plain and simple. Just don't argue if you like something that someone has posted. Also, you don't have to post why you don't like the things you're posting. Let's see... Ali Project: I don't know why, but I just find their voices rather screechy...
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    About the Halloween event

    How exactly do you make a sockpuppet account? Do you need a separate email address, or...what?
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    How's the weather over there?

    ^ Self explanatory. Just post what the weather's like where you are. It's been raining and thundering since yesterday morning.
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    How are you feeling today?

    I'd rather you not come here just to say something random. If you absolutely must say it, go do it on the Random Messages thread. Right now, I'm feeling an odd mix of melancholiness, dissapointment, impatience, and boredom.
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    A Simple Game (oneshot)

    “Takeshi! Takeshi! Wait!” A young man appeared to be fleeing from something. His sensei began to give chase, and then he stopped at the sound of his sensei’s voice. “What do you want?! I already said I was going to drop out!” His sensei looked amused. “Really? Why’s that?” “’Cause...
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    School Stories

    All you do is post random stories that happen at school. You don't even have to be in school anymore, but may I point out that work doesn't count. College, homeschool, and any kind of specialized school counts as well. Here's my story. My science teacher is an avid frog enthusiast...
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    COMPLETE: Acceptance (oneshot)

    This is my first fanfic on Bulbagarden, Acceptance. All of the characters are OC's. Please read and enjoy. -------------------- “Thank you for rescuing me.” There was no answer. “What’s your name?” A teenage girl’s light blue eyes gazed upon her rescuer, who might as well...
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    Humans who look like Pokemon (not real people)

    I was looking at the Pokemon D/P Strategy Guide and I just noticed that Riley and Honchkrow look startlingly similar. Has anyone else noticed something like this?
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    What's your favorite DP partner character?

    By partner character I mean the trainers you team up with in DP: Cheryl, Mira, Riley, Marley, and Buck. My favorite would be either Cheryl or Riley, because they both help in the Battle Tower. I'm also requesting fanart of them because I've been looking for pics of these guys for months. Here's...
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    Hi. I'm a new member.

    Hi, my name is Glacia and I finally got an account here after weeks and weeks of begging my dad. I've been browsing these forums since the beginning of summer and I wanted to besome a member straightaway. ^_^ Now all I have to do is get an avatar.