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  1. dig

    Name a bigger downgrade than this.

    Get off your high horse. Your opinion is not, and will never be fact. Some people like the way Pokemon is heading, and others don’t. Nostalgia for past gens isn’t why I think 3Ds games onward has been a downward slide. My main reasons are; Too many cutscenes Too few Pokemon introduced Post...
  2. dig

    Name a bigger downgrade than this.

    The rotom dex was a load of rubbish. I could’ve forgiven it if it was actually a usable rotom form. But instead it’s an annoying and pointless feature. All the bottom screen ever needed was DexNav, some of the counting features from DPP and a one click button to get online to the PSS.
  3. dig

    Name a bigger downgrade than this.

    DS Games > 3DS Games I don't know what's going on over there, but gen 6 onward has felt lacklustre.