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  1. Vivillon

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I'm more of a Mudkip fan myself, no memes or jokes intended. I think it's the cutest little thing in regards to the Gen III starters. I was also captivated by Marshtomp's "mohawk" as a child playing Ruby for the first time, not gonna lie. Still not entirely sure why to this day, either.
  2. Vivillon

    POPULAR: Fic Advertisement Thread

    My second poem in my new thread, Sedative, is up! The narrator complains to the doctor about medication.
  3. Vivillon

    EVERYONE: Vivillon's Poetry 2.0

    Sedative I have to sedate myself, At your only request. It's just a few days, What's the harm in a pill? To make the pain go away As the scars heal themselves. But my mind's fading fast— I never knew how it'd feel. You said the pain would go away, But my entire person does instead...
  4. Vivillon

    EVERYONE: What Do You Listen To While You Write/Draw?

    Oh, they were talking rather monotonously and were a few tables away. I had to to focus to hear the details of their conversation--it was more of a background sound, similar to waves or birds chirping.
  5. Vivillon

    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    I feel like it all depends on what kind of a story you are setting up. If it is a story where the action is a main focus, then by all means, start with a bang! If it's more slice-of-life and centered around gradual, interpersonal development, then give it a calmer beginning. The introduction...
  6. Vivillon

    EVERYONE: What Do You Listen To While You Write/Draw?

    Honestly, nothing beats listening to what you're trying to write about. I was writing a poem about monotonous conversation and what else would I focus my ears on but those very people that inspired me to write the poem?
  7. Vivillon

    Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

    Huh. It appears to be fine now, but it wasn't the case earlier.
  8. Vivillon

    EVERYONE: Vivillon's Poetry 2.0

    Good day! Now that I'm back after forever, I figured I'd make a new thread for my poetry given how long the hiatus was. Anyways, enjoy the magical art that is poetry. I'll try to keep it organized this time, putting links into a table of contents. Here's to a fresh start! Chpt. 1: i...
  9. Vivillon

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Good day to those of you who remember me! I'm back... I think. Carry on, I shall have some poetry up soon in a new thread, and some short stories I think, as well. ^_^
  10. Vivillon

    Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

    Under Infernape's egg moves for Encore, Vigoroth's image is listed twice. Once where he should be, and once in place of dewott.
  11. Vivillon

    The BGC Tournament (Over and Done With)

    Re: The BGC Tournament (Round Four-It's The Final Countdown!) Thanks. Those were close and fun games! Gotta owe it all to Scald that first one, though. xD Also, I'd gladly take the Beldum as my prize. ^_^
  12. Vivillon

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    If you're just concerned about nature, then doing the horde method with a Pokémon that has Synchronize as its ability may work. It has a 50% chance of transferring that nature to the wild Pokémon. Also, Altaria is just SO FLUFFY!!! <3
  13. Vivillon

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I think you guys are forgetting that Super Training isn't the most efficient method for EVing your Pokemon. It's great for fine-tuning to get those custom spreads, but most of the time you want to Horde Train. xD Anyways, Lord Kyuubi, I wouldn't reccomend doing the Masuda Method unless you want...
  14. Vivillon

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Any of you guys going to watch or attend Worlds? I feel fortunate to live only an hour away (without traffic, that is) from the event; I wouldn't miss it for the world. It should be a marvelous weekend either way, for sure.
  15. Vivillon

    MATURE: Union City Angels

    I'm not usually a fan of superhero stories, but the way you've set it up makes me think you'll do it more like an anti-crime unit than a group of overpowered superheroes. I'll look forward to seeing more in the future! I hope you live up to the promises you've given us.
  16. Vivillon

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Well, I have dropped almost every single piece of work that I've made an effort to write that is beyond a thousand words. I have also dropped a few topics of poetry that I may eventually get back to if I ever think of how to shape them: -Fire (kind of generic, but yeah) -Getting up (Not waking...
  17. Vivillon

    EVERYONE: Vivillon Writes Poems

    Hahaha thank you so much! It's funny, though; I didn't have any deep meaning in this poem. It was literally about just making a long speech all in order to say "Hi." There is no deep meaning to this one, but I guess that's the beauty of art. Both the artist Nd the beholder can take away two...
  18. Vivillon

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Wow, it has been over a month since I have posted anything not related to the Awards. This is officially the Summer of Inactivity for me. Anyways, I'm back y'all. This summer has been flying by.
  19. Vivillon

    TEEN: Crossover Battles (Cynthia Carter v. Steven Stone)

    Re: Crossover Battles [Boreas v. Jolteon] Well, Time for some post-awards feedback for all of you guys who worked so hard on this wonderful collaborative effort! Crossover Battles Plot: 9/10 While this work of fan fiction is just a group of authors creating battles between...
  20. Vivillon

    COMPLETE: Communication (TEEN)

    Communication: Plot: 8/10 This story is not about one specific adventure or act of heroism; it rather chronicles the life of a single Snorunt and later Glalie: Solonn. The author does a great job withholding information so that the reader must only guess where the story is going, but this...