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  1. bulbasaur_ggd

    Challenge Playthroughs

    After easing through Red, I figure I may as well go all out and finish what I've started. Universal Metronome Challenge: Clear all 8 regions using 8 unique teams, each one abiding by the rules aforementioned. In addition, no Pokémon are to be used solely as HM slaves, every team member must...
  2. bulbasaur_ggd

    Challenge Playthroughs

    I've done a few different themed runs, did a Nuzlocke of Black 2 that I only just managed to beat after Iris's Archeops went ballistic, and I've done a mono. But my current fixation is the Metronome Run. It started out as an attempt to make Y more fun, and I kinda got hooked. First rule is...
  3. bulbasaur_ggd

    Challenge Playthroughs

    I'd suggest using X/Y. Easier games to beat. And you can either use Bank or trade off OR/AS to get your team very near the start of the run. These games are also very generous in terms of level caps for outsider Pokémon.