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  1. SnorlaxMonster

    Australian Pokemon Movies 4 and 5 DVDs

    The aspect ratios listed on the Bulbapedia page are for the original Buena Vista releases. The Reel DVD releases that you would have gotten don't currently have listed aspect ratios, but JB Hi-Fi says they are both 4:3. I'll add that to the page now that it's known. Can you confirm whether the...
  2. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

    I believe "hardest to catch" is referring to how it is the least common encounter. I don't think the trivia is notable regardless, however.
  3. SnorlaxMonster

    Platinum Route 224 Glitch

    Ah, yeah, that's it. I tried after opening Seabreak Path, and it works. Nice discovery.
  4. SnorlaxMonster

    Platinum Route 224 Glitch

    Hmm, okay. I tried doing that and it didn't work. Have you triggered the Shaymin event and opened Seabreak Path?
  5. SnorlaxMonster

    Platinum Route 224 Glitch

    Can you explain how you did this? Can you reproduce this?
  6. SnorlaxMonster

    Indigo League now available on Amazon: Available in four volumes

    Important update in the article: This release is no longer available.
  7. SnorlaxMonster

    2nd chance Genesect available for American, PAL region Gen VI games: 2nd chance for the...

    Those weren't second chance distributions though, they were entirely separate distributions. The Pokémon were different, and you could obtain both Hoopa in one game (Diancie had one XY-exclusive distribution and one ORAS-exclusive one).
  8. SnorlaxMonster

    2nd chance Genesect available for American, PAL region Gen VI games: 2nd chance for the...

    I don't think they're necessarily standard practice. So far we've only seen them for the 20th anniversary distributions. It wouldn't surprise me if it stayed that way.
  9. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Can you explain in what way it classifies them as "Special Pokémon"? Because if you go by the Pokédex background, it makes it clear they are NOT Special Pokémon.
  10. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Idea for egg moves

    There's not really a good way to do that.
  11. SnorlaxMonster

    New artwork

    Hey, I've uploaded these for you (except Burnet, which we now have a better quality version of). Thanks for your contribution.
  12. SnorlaxMonster

    Bulbapedia Idea for egg moves

    The vast majority of Egg Moves can only be learned as Egg Moves. While there are some that Pokémon can also learn by leveling up or TM, these are fairly uncommon. (Tutor on the other hand isn't that unusual, since they get introduced in the middle of a generation.) However, it might be useful...
  13. SnorlaxMonster

    Inconsistency regarding episode numbering in the original series

    I don't think that really fixes anything.
  14. SnorlaxMonster

    Inconsistency regarding episode numbering in the original series

    Yes, Holiday Hi Jynx and Snow Way out are no different from Princess vs Princess and The Purr-fect Hero. You can see that the Japanese site treats all four episodes the same way. I've brought up the possibility of moving them before, but since that would mess with the entire established episode...
  15. SnorlaxMonster

    Regarding Red's age

    Here's where you made a false assumption: You can't just do this, unless you assume that Anabel disappeared in the same year RBY/RSE are set. You cannot subtract the 3 year gap between RBY/RSE and GSC/DPPT unless you assume that Anabel disappeared earlier than that gap (and she couldn't have...
  16. SnorlaxMonster

    Nine new XYZ English dubbed episode titles leaked: Air dates to be announced later

    Oh wow, we have a dub title before the Japanese title again? That hasn't happened for like 3 years.
  17. SnorlaxMonster

    Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire demo available in Japan: No longer requires code

    It should already be there for NA systems.
  18. SnorlaxMonster

    New Pokémon, Z-Moves, Alolan forms revealed: New forms for Kanto Pokémon

    They are referred to as "Alola Forms" as a whole (see the title and contents of the English trailer, for example). Individual Pokemon are referred to as "Alolan <Pokemon>". Alola Forms appear to be a type of "regional variant", which is a term the official site uses. The article title should...
  19. SnorlaxMonster

    Sinnoh Classic Wi-Fi tournament announced: Participants will receive Cynthia's Garchomp

    I'm a bit late here, but it was because they were banned from the 2008 Video Game Showdown. This tournament intentionally uses the same rules as that tournament. The reason they were banned from 2008 Video Game Showdown was because they couldn't be obtained at Level 50 (and in DP there was no...