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    Preview JN031: Hinbass's Beautiful Scale

    My expectations. At best, either Ash or Goh catches a Feebas, and with a Prism Scale, evolves it into Milotic by trade. I would hope it would be Ash who captures Feebas, and trades it for Goh's Scyther (holding a Metal Coat) so that both would evolve into Milotic and Scizor, respectively. But...
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    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    Since when did this forum turn from genuine criticism of yesterday's presentation into a flame war in regards to the Mobile VS. Handheld debate that's raged on for years?
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    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    With the positive reaction to New Pokémon Snap, and the fact that the SwSh expansions are addressing major complaints, especially Dexit, it would be an exaggeration to call this series "dead". Poor marketing is a concern, yes, but note that half of the newly announced games are on the Switch.
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    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    The thing about this announcement was the fact that it was a major ratings draw. Had Unite been announced last week along with Smile, Café Mix, and New Pokémon Snap, it is most likely that this backlash would've never happened or be this serious. People waited for a week, expecting things like a...
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    Spoilers Pokémon UNITE

    Ratings baiting and Kanto pandering could kill off this game long before launch, but I don't see it as a total write-off because they didn't announce it last week. Many games that had negative reception pre-launch ended up highly successful and beloved. But yeah, Unite might never live down the...
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    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    11 minutes of nothing. I noted the jump in downvotes during the stream. It's safe to assume that we were victims of a ratings bait. EDIT: Facebook comments are overwhelming negative. Mainly for the bait and switch ratings stunt.
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    June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

    So we waited a week for an 11 minute presentation of a filler? Why didn't they just announce Unite last week along with the babyish Smile? Less backlash that way.
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    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Not really keen with Café Mix, and Smile is obviously a baby game. But still, Victini and Mega Evolution coming to GO (and therefore likely skipping Manaphy and Shaymin Special Research)? That I look forward to. And the new Pokémon Snap. And my chance to battle Zeraora. And whatever will be...
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    Forgotten characters in the Pokémon anime?

    This series only has five main permanent characters; Ash, Pikachu, Jessie, James, and Meowth. Everyone else is disposable, although getting rid of Oak and Ash's mother would be damaging.
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    Why in the World is Ash VS Hapu so Hated?

    People take great notice when the anime ignores basic rules of the games. Pikachu improvising Soak is just one of many examples. We all remember "Thunder Armor", where Swellow is powered up by a Thunderbolt instead of KOed without having Lightning Rod (which wouldn't have made him immune to...
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    Flow of Time in the Anime

    Team Rocket may occasionally have their moral moments, but Ash rarely see them, and their good moments are countered by their continued stalking. As a result, Ash will always see them as unredeemable sociopaths who will never give up on their quest to steal Pikachu. His thinking is...
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    What are the chances that the Coronavirus causes episodes to be delayed or canceled?

    I doubt the anime would be put on hold until 2022 because a handful of people are suggesting the lockdowns could remain in place until then. At best, we'd be seeing new episodes come (the scheduled release of) The Isle of Armor in June. At worst, they'd return around Halloween.
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    What are the chances that the Coronavirus causes episodes to be delayed or canceled?

    Look, now you're just putting words into people's mouths. I never suggested that you wanted the writers fired. Just that you believe that the anime should be cancelled for poor writing and being aimed at preschoolers. And people can look up your history in posts and find plenty of evidence that...
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    What are the chances that the Coronavirus causes episodes to be delayed or canceled?

    It's made clear by all of your posts that you hate the anime and want it cancelled, and will use any excuse to complain about it. And use profanity on a post for a forum regarding a family-friendly franchise. And cannot take criticism whenever we try to point out your comments. COVID-19 is a...
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    Flow of Time in the Anime

    I have my own theory for why Ash is still 10 years old when he should be almost 34 by now (if him being born in May 22, 1986 as a fact) or at least 14-15. And before you ask, yes, it was somewhat influenced by Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels. M10 had Dialga and Palkia clash when their worlds...
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    What are the chances that the Coronavirus causes episodes to be delayed or canceled?

    Suggesting when the anime could return is potential flame bait. My comment on the review for SS022 suggesting a January 2021 return at worst was met with controversy, and I had to delete it. And like what nickdt said, the anime cannot take a break lasting longer than a few months at most...
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    Review JN022: Goodbye, Rabbifoot!

    I've had to delete my first two posts for causing major controversy, and I apologize for offending everyone for suggesting something. So, I'll try this again: Another bait and switch filler with false advertising to draw in ratings. And also, guess Gou never getting a Beautifly will become a...
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    Preview JN023: A Massive Panic! Sakuragi Park!!

    Guess this is what Rika Matsumoto's tweet meant? Well, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and in a worst case scenario, we won't have any new episodes besides the one airing tonight for the remainder of the year.
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    Preview JN022: Goodbye, Rabbifoot!

    In GO, catch rates are not 100%, and if the Pokemon breaks out and escapes, there are no retries. Gou seems to have a near-100% catch ratio, and chased down a few runaway Pokemon. Also, this is an anime that has been plagued with controversy throughout its 23 year history, with Jynx being...
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    Preview JN022: Goodbye, Rabbifoot!

    We've had episodes in the past where a Pokemon provided to be a challenge to catch (Ash's Buizel when caught by Dawn), with sheer luck (May's Munchlax) or by accident (Misty's Psyduck). But in thoses cases, the Pokemon in question had already known the protagonists for enough time. Before Gou...