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    A Stranger Is Just A Friend You Haven't Met

    I wasn't sure if this belongs in Pokémon World or here because the subject matter really deals with both. With my car being repaired the other day, I made a rather lengthy walk from school to work. During the walk, I made my way through a residential area. It was a rather nice day, so many...
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    Brock's Present

    *Thread made purely to appease Lisa* xD So anyway... are you happy with Brock's current role in the Animé? I often hear people complaining he could be utilized better, but rarely hear anyone offering any ideas. How would you better utilize Brock? What storylines could we use? More...
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    Holiday Skins?

    Am I right to assume everyone loved the Halloween skin? Why don't we create others? I noticed there wasn't one for Thanksgiving. Granted not everyone celebrated it, but there are many who do. Although it may have been difficult to think of a Pokémon to fit the "Thanksgiving" theme... Ho-oh...
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    Aftermorphs #001 - "Into the Belly of the Whale" - Chapter One

    Here is a story idea that I've always wanted to run with. It is basically a continuation of the Animorphs series by K.A. Appelgate. Hopefully someone familiar with the series can post and give me their feedback. My name is Christopher and this is my story. It has been many years since a...
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    What the f*ck?

    Alright. So, I'm going through my boxes in Emerald and making space, right? Well, I just tried to release an Azumarill that I caught for the sake of being a Surf/Waterfall slave and guess what? It releases like normal, then this: "... ... ...!!!" "AZUMARILL came back!". "Was it...