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  1. game3524

    Pokemon:Orange island journey REVISED

    Rules No Bunnying and god modding post every 2 days kanto and Johto pokemon only Realtionships are allowed Have Fun I decide to start over and spice up the plot Male Hero filled Female Hero Third Hero Plot: After the 1,000 year annieversy of when the legendary fight eachother and...
  2. game3524

    10 too young?

    I always thought that Ash being 10 was way to young. the writer should have made more real: Ash-14 (start of highschool instead of end of elementry) Misty 16 ( it would make more sense) Brock 18 ( taking care of all those siblings, Brock should be 18 at the start It makes alot more sense...
  3. game3524

    what should have been the heroes johto team

    One of the main problem of johto in IMO is that the teams were to lackluster here is what I think should have been the gangs pokemon Ash Pikachu Squritle Bulbasaur Charizard Heracross Bayleaf-Chikorita Brock Onix Geadude Zubat Vulpix Cyindquil Donphan Misty Goldeen...