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    GO The Speed Limit now affects Stops

    The latest update has made it so that activating PokeStops when going above 15mph will instead display the "Try Again Later" sign. This is probably done to discourage laziness from players who use cars or public transport to quickly restock balls and eggs. But apparently, Pokémon are still...
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    Global Link Playing Up?

    I keep trying to access the mini-games of the Pokémon Global Link, but the games never load after I select which one to play, and which level. The PokéMileage Shop is still working, and it's still possible to synch with the 3DS games, but the mini-games are the problem. I tried swapping games (X...
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    News Event Shiny Diancie (Japan only)

    Heads up guys. Starting next month, an event for a Shiny Diancie will happen in Japan. It's going to be at Pokémon Center stores from December 12 to December 31. Here is a link to a video for the new event. (I checked, it's indeed legitimate). The video also shows some Pikachu in costumes as...