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    I've actually had an idea that Pikachu is 'plotting' to get Ash and Misty together. Maybe along with Brock? Pikachu sees they like each other but just don't want to admit it, so he decides to get them together. He scolds them, as well, for being so stubborn, and not admitting they like each...
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    Which Gym Leader is your favorite?

    Well, Brock is my favorite character in the entire series, so he's my favorite gym leader as well. After him, Lt. Surge.
  3. D

    Best replacement for Brock

    Brock should stay! They already tried to replace him once, and NO!
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    I can't imagine Ash staying home for long. He likes to travel. Maybe Misty can look after the kids, and Ash coming home ocassionally?
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    Will you ever grow out of Pokémon?

    Nope. I never will.
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    What would the show be like without fillers.

    The show would go by much faster and be too short.
  7. D

    Lifespan of the Pokémon Franchise

    I don't think it will end soon. Mario's been around longer.
  8. D

    Team Rockets Disguises

    Maybe they do see through their disguises, but pretend not to?
  9. D

    Lifespan of the Pokémon Franchise

    It will keep on while it's making money it seems to me.
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    I was just watching the episode where the Rhydon loves apples that it got over its fear of water. I thought that rock Pokemon were 'weakened' by water. It's understandable that they would be afraid of it, but I always thought it was more like, since water erodes rock?
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    Favorite Theme Song?

    So hard, so hard. The first one, cause it's the first, and you know, nostalgia. Then Born to Be a Winner, and the theme for Master Quest.
  12. D

    One Letter at a Time word game.

  13. D

    The Pokémon Anime Marathon

    I'm doing this, too. Right now I'm almost finished with Master Quest. It's actually kind of fun, I think, even if it does take a lot of time.
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    DanceShipping (Misty x Rudy)

    I do like this ship, even though I think Misty and Ash belong together. It would be good if Rudy showed up again, and went to see Misty at the gym. The episode with it was so great. Wonder what Rudy would say when he saw that Ash hasn't realized he's a very lucky guy yet. It might have been...
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    Do you think after DP the writer should retire Ash?

    I agree that the newbie Ash was much more fun. But the show would be over if they retired Ash. He and Pikachu are the stars.:D
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    CGI Pokemon Movie

    I like that idea. What concerns me most about a cgi movie is that like you said, some adaption of the games or anime. It just wouldn't be...wouldn't make much sense. And especially with the asteroid. I mean, if the Clefairy came on a spaceship, it would be cool to see. Maybe even catch a...
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    Do you think after DP the writer should retire Ash?

    I think Pokemon will probably only end when it stops making money. If they retire Ash, who would be the new character? Not someone like Ritchie. Ugh. Ritchie was nothing more than a perfect clone. He was too perfect, too...smart. No fun. The new character would probably just be another...
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    Do you think after DP the writer should retire Ash?

    But you can still have Pokemon, like a hobby. If I can't watch the episodes when they debut I'll just keep buying the dvds.:D
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    Great screenshots. Yup, Ash and Misty moments are the most memorable, especially when they're not getting along.XDAfter Brock, of course.