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  1. SeanWheeler

    Sinnoh Dex should have had all the Gen IV Pokémon

    So in Diamond and Pearl, Professor Rowan gives you the Sinnoh Pokédex with a mission to fill it just by seeing all the Pokémon (you don't have to catch them). You battle every trainer in Sinnoh on your way to the Elite Four to have seen a total of 149 Pokémon. Then you find the picture of the...
  2. SeanWheeler

    Pokémon being called it

    One thing that I've always found odd, most Pokémon are characters with genders yet Nintendo has always referred to them as "it." And you know how people find "it" as insulting, it's can be cringey when anthropomorphized animals are called "it" because they are so close to humans that the pronoun...
  3. SeanWheeler

    EVERYONE: Pokémon the Series: Plus and Minus

    So I'm writing a fanfiction on a fake game for Generation VIII. And for each generation, there's an anime saga. Anyway, this takes place after the end of the Sun and Moon series. That series is still ongoing, so this fanfiction may diverge from the main anime after the current episodes. Episode...
  4. SeanWheeler

    Bulbapedia Do the species pages need "(Pokémon)" in the title?

    I think the species pages would be much better without the "(Pokémon)" disambig tag. Since Bulbapedia is a Pokémon site, it's very obvious that the articles are about Pokémon, so it just feels very redundant. Take Golem for example. Outside of the context of Pokémon, a golem could be a mythical...
  5. SeanWheeler

    Trainers and NPCs should have distinguishing features

    Don't you think it's weird that a lot of characters in the game look the same? It seems like only the important characters have unique sprites and models while all trainers within a class share the same model. And some townspeople who don't battle would look like trainers. Twins seem more...
  6. SeanWheeler

    Why did they remove the slots but still left catching Pokémon up to luck?

    The European Platinum version made the slots unplayable. HeartGold and SoulSilver replaced the Game Corners with Voltorb Flip. And the Game Corner stopped appearing in later games. Apparently this has something to do with gambling. But then why is catching Pokémon still luck based? Seriously...
  7. SeanWheeler

    Why the Kalos Pokédex sucks

    Pokémon X and Y is a great game overall. But what is not so great about it? The Pokédex. Generation VI has introduced only 72 Pokémon. And how many Pokémon were put in the Kalos dex? 457. Enough to split into three Pokédexes. Look at the numbers. 72 new Pokémon. 457 Pokémon in the Kalos dex. The...
  8. SeanWheeler

    EVERYONE: Let's Play Pokémon Plus and Minus

    Let me walk you through a possible Generation 8 Pokémon game, that I've been writing about on PokéFanon Wikia. Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins It was the year 2020. Gamefreak has announced the new Pokémon games Plus and Minus. I was so excited, that I went on Amazon and pre-ordered Plus. On...
  9. SeanWheeler

    Will Sun and Moon suck?

    I really don't like the news about Pokémon Sun and Moon recently. When it was first announced, I was really excited. I even bought a 2DS so that I could play X and Alpha Sapphire before getting Sun. The biggest problem I have is the anime. Ash's design really downgraded from XY and his pose in...
  10. SeanWheeler

    Sign Ups Pokémon World Adventure

    So I would like to start a roleplay where you travel through the Pokémon world Dungeons & Dragons style. In the main cast of players, there should be at least a male trainer who collects Gym badges to compete in the Pokémon League, a female Pokémon Coordinator who competes in Pokémon contests...
  11. SeanWheeler

    What would you have changed?

    If you were to go back in time to 1995 and replaced Satoshi Tajiri as the creator of Pokémon, and became responsible for every decision with the franchise, what would you have changed? For me, in the anime, I would want Bill to have the role of taking care of Ash's Pokémon instead of Professor...
  12. SeanWheeler

    EVERYONE: Toysters

    The original post of this thread was moved to the World Beyond. But I will start the story soon.
  13. SeanWheeler

    There has to be a way to see the latest episodes

    So there is Pokémon TV. Do you know what it's flaw is? It doesn't show all the episodes. Some episodes it shows, but the others just have plot summaries. I rely on a pirate website to watch the latest episodes. But piracy is technically illegal. Pokémon airs on Cartoon Network at 6, which is too...
  14. SeanWheeler

    Pokémon Math

    Let's do some math using Pokémon names for numbers. The Pokémon are variables for their National Pokédex number so Pikachu equals 25. Meowth + Skitty Meowth is 52 and Skitty is 300. The answer is 352. That is Kecleon's number. So the answer is Kecleon. You can do addition, subtraction...
  15. SeanWheeler

    Voice Acting

    Do you think Sun and Moon should have voice acting? If so, how will they do custom names like the player's name or Pokémon nicknames?
  16. SeanWheeler

    New Evolutions

    So, what older Pokémon should evolve into new Pokémon and how? Also, make sure those methods are not possible in older games. They can't be just normal level ups, max happiness or trades without a new item, move or anything that excuses the evolution from previous games. You can use stones but...
  17. SeanWheeler

    Sun and Moon Version Exclusive Pokémon

    Every generation so far have Pokémon that is not found in one version but is catchable in the other, to take advantage of the trading mechanic. Sun and Moon will probably do the same. So what Pokémon should be only available in Sun but not in Moon and vice versa?
  18. SeanWheeler

    Sun Moon Anime Thread

    So what do you guys expect for the Seventh Generation anime series? Who do you expect Ash to travel with? What kinds of Pokémon will he and his friends catch? What kinds of episodes would you want to see? Please post your thoughts about the Sun and Moon saga in the Pokémon anime.
  19. SeanWheeler

    Chances of Z being released

    Now that Sun and Moon has been announced, hopes of Pokémon Z have diminished. However, Sun and Moon would be released in Winter, and we're in Spring. So what if Z comes out this Summer and it doesn't get announced until closer to release?
  20. SeanWheeler

    Downloadable content

    So a lot of modern games have this feature where you buy additional content from the console's server for extra bucks and it patches that content into your game. It might be interesting to see DLC in Sun and Moon. Like they can sell certain events to expand your game. Maybe add more trainers to...