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    most annoying voice in the dub?

    I personally hate dawn's piplup's too-high pitched and really unpleasing voice. I'm also not a fan of colress's voice. what about you?
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    Contest Politoed vs Ninetales vs Tyranitar vs Hippowdon vs Abomasnow

    The clash of the weather inducers! My favorite is Tyranitar because I like using sand offense and Hippowdon just doesn't look as cool as T-tar.
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    Contest Ugly Pokemon 5: Cryogonal V Mamoswine V Aerodactyl V Zapdos

    In my opinion, Cryogonal. What the hell is that thing.
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    Contest Unova gym leaders(2/3) - Elesa V Clay V Skyla V Drayden

    i'll include chili and cress against iris and brycen in part 3. Anyway, for this thread's sake, my favorite is Clay for obvious reasons.
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    Contest Ugly pokemon 4: Magmortar v Croconaw v Stunfisk v Garchomp

    In my opinion it's Magmortar, although Garchomp is also ugly.
  6. M

    Contest Unova gym leaders(1/3) - Cilan V Lenora V Burgh

    In my opinion it's burgh, he's cute and I like artists. Did not include the other two striaton city leaders due to the fact that I think cilan is the true leader(he is the one who welcomes you)
  7. M

    Most beautiful pokemon

    in my opinion it's: BEAUTIFUL 1-Milotic 2-Gardevoir 3-Pidgeot 4-Manectric 5-Weavile
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    Contest Ugly pokemon 2: Conkeldurr v Emboar v Muk v Electivire

    The sequel to the first part! Which of these pokemon, in your opinion, is the ugliest? Don't forget to give your reasoning when you post, and to vote on the poll above!
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    Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Normal: Rattata Fighting: Emboar Flying: Staraptor Poison: Ariados Ground: Swampert Rock: Geodude Bug: Beautifly Ghost: Mismagius Steel: Ferrothrorn Fire: Moltres Water: Milotic Grass: Bellsprout Electric: Raikou Psychic: Victini Ice: Glaceon Dragon: Altaria Dark: Spiritomb
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    Contest Ugly pokemon: Garbodor v Probopass v Purugly v Jynx

    The clash of the ugly pokemon!
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    Contest misty vs may vs dawn vs iris

    who is the best of ash's girlfriends?
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    Contest miltank vs tauros

    who is better?