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  1. starryskies

    Rare Pairings

    Yeah xD who knows what they did when raising glameow in that shed Other than that, and the fact that they're childhood friends and call each other cute nicknames, I'm pretty sure Candice was the only one that Zoey thanked in her victory speech? And directly afterwards, they had a scene with...
  2. starryskies

    Rare Pairings

    I have a lot, but I'm just going to post a few. SnowpointShipping (Zoey x Candice). I only know a few people who ship this, and when I searched on pixiv, deviantart, and google, I could only find two pictures of this pairing. For the most part, if people ship Zoey at all, they ship her with...
  3. starryskies

    Which Town/City would you most like to live in?

    Kanto: Celadon City. Because it's called the "rainbow city", and the gym gives out "rainbow badges"...I really like rainbows, they're cool xD There's also a lot of things to do, the city's really varied. Johto: Ecruteak City, it's so...I'm not sure if traditional is the word to call it, but it's...
  4. starryskies

    Which recurring character from BW do you want to appear in the XY Anime?

    Bianca and/or Cynthia would be nice to see again. I don't think that Bianca got enough screentime in BW, and I'm hoping that they could improve her character development a bit--you know, not just having her topple Ash into a source of water every time they meet? I also think having Cynthia...
  5. starryskies

    Do you have any unpopular opinions about the anime?

    - I think the DP and BW series' were actually pretty enjoyable. I know a lot of people don't, for some reason, but in my opinion they were even better than Johto, Orange Islands, and possibly even the original series. Maybe even tied for AG. - I thought Drew was pretty annoying and was a jerk...
  6. starryskies

    Ash's Traveling Companions: What if he gets a Female-Version of Brock?

    That would actually be pretty interesting. If that were the case, I wonder if Ash and everyone else would react differently--maybe they would let her fangirl over them? Or maybe she would just visibly crush on the hot boys or girls, but never say anything, and Ash being as dense as he is...
  7. starryskies

    What do you want in Gen 6?

    Walking Pokemon (like in HGSS), although I'm already 99% sure that won't happen. Secret Bases, like in Gen III, would also be a nice feature to add, since those were really great.
  8. starryskies

    Do you intended to watch the Pokemon anime forever?

    Yes. I've watched all the episodes of Pokemon from all the generations, and don't plan to stop, ever xD I might not watch every episode the day they come out, as I don't do that anyways, but I plan to watch every single episode, eventually. As in, I might not watch some because when I'm older...
  9. starryskies

    What was with 4Kids adding so many Pokeshipping hints?

    Well, it's not as if 4Kids hasn't done things like this before, in other anime, but I don't think it's really that drastic. I mean, yes, they did add a lot of Pokeshipping hints--they added the "You and I will get married one day" scene, the part in the Jirachi movie, and a few other parts, but...
  10. starryskies

    Looking back at Gen V: What did it introduce that you liked and didn't like?

    I really liked the Pokemon World Tournament, as it was pretty challenging (for me, at least) and allowed you to battle the gym leaders and champions from the other regions. It's pretty much a nostalgia overload. I also liked basically all of the Pokemon introduced in the generation--they're some...
  11. starryskies

    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    In the bleakest of your shipping days, what keeps you going? What keeps you coming back to Advanceshipping? Well, it helps that I honestly can't see Ash with any other girl or boy--although May is a whole different story, as you can tell from my signature (◕‿◕) I really love AdvanceShipping, so...
  12. starryskies

    most annoying voice in the dub?

    Probably Drew or Cheren? I like their characters (for the most part), but their voices didn't seem fitting to me, and annoyed me a lot when watching the anime. But most of all, KELDEO's voice in the movie was probably the most annoying, hands down.
  13. starryskies

    Are you a Casual or Competitive Pokemon Player?

    I'm mostly a casual player, but I'd say I'm also kind of competitive because, although I don't IV or EV train and just use the Pokemon I like, I try to level them up and make them as tough as possible. You don't have to IV or EV train in order to be a competitive battler, or at least that's my...
  14. starryskies

    What are your game headcanons?

    I have a lot of...weird headcanons. That may or may not relate to the real world. - Bianca's father wasn't overly protective, but abusive. Bianca tries to cover this up by acting like everything is fine, when in reality she was severely depressed before starting her Pokemon journey with her...
  15. starryskies

    The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

    I might have a few more than these, but these are the ones that I can remember...the ones that I ship obsessively JadeShipping (Blue [girl] x Yellow) Because of their interactions together. I can't even-- MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal) From my point of view, it's pretty obvious that...
  16. starryskies

    How do you feel about kids growing up with the current series?

    Having watched Pokemon since the original series, I have to say--from first to fourth, those generations contained actual depth. There were emotions and heartfelt battles and times that you laughed along with the characters of the show, even at their lame jokes. You really got to know the...
  17. starryskies

    Anime Favorite Studio Ghibli Movie?

    I love all of them that I've seen so far, but THE CAT RETURNS I don't know why I like this one the most. It's not necessarily more interesting than certain others--maybe it's just that I love cats? I don't know. But basically all Studio Ghibli movies, in my opinion, are awesome.
  18. starryskies

    Discussion: Dream jobs and current jobs

    My dream job is to be a Language Arts Teacher. I'm not sure if I want to teach middle school or high school, since I haven't even started high school yet, but I'm definitely not going to be teaching little kids in diapers. Not a chance.
  19. starryskies

    Favorite Pokemon without an evolution? [No legendaries]

    Absol. The "disaster" pokemon. Seemingly independent and strong. A dark type. Has a cool, yet dark look, and is awesome. Two more words: SHADOW BALL. Yeah. (wait, that's three words, crap) Tropius and Ditto are close behind. Very close.
  20. starryskies

    16 Year Old Girl from Steubenville, Ohio Raped After Becoming Unconscious

    This is sickening. The fact that those two boys went out and raped this unconscious girl, video-taped it, and texted about it, saying, "oh man i can't believe all i got was a handjob" is evidence enough. What's even more disgusting is that people want to defend them. I can understand why they...