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    I was just watching the episode where the Rhydon loves apples that it got over its fear of water. I thought that rock Pokemon were 'weakened' by water. It's understandable that they would be afraid of it, but I always thought it was more like, since water erodes rock?
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    Pokemon Elements

    I saw that some dvds are coming out on June 28. Anyone have any idea what episodes, special features, etc are on them?
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    Happini Evolution

    Anyone got any suggestion as to when it might be a good idea Happini? I started training mine only recently. I had a hard time getting it to battle, as it's so cute, I didn't want it to get hurt or anything.lolIt's only at level 22. Anyone got an idea what level would be good?
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    Berry Fun

    What fruit are berries named after? Post omething about the berry, and about the fruit, and how it was named. Figgy Berry-restores some HP but may cause confusion Fig-they're DELICIOUS, dried or fresh, unless you've tasted them, you have no idea how much. Adam and Eve used fig leaves after...
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    Help in Hawthorne City

    Does anyone know when the Gym Leader is supposed to be back? Or do you have to win a contest before challenging her? And anyone know where you can find/buy more fashion accessories?
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    Johto and Chronicles

    Anyone have any idea if these have been released on dvd? I have the ones for the Johto League Champions, and Quest, but can't seem to find the first Johto ones. Or the Chronicles. I've looked just about everywhere, amazon, even ebay, but nope, not even used ones. Or the Born to be a Winner...
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    Help with DS hardware

    Was wondering which was best to recharge your DS. If you leave it plugged in, just while you're playing, or all the time. Or if you leave the charger plugged in, and just attach it to the DS when it needs to be charged, or you play it. Would it harm it? I know it sounds weird, but I'm just...
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    Salon Roque

    Anyone here ever draw Salon Roque Pokemon?
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    Ritchie's Discovery

    When Ritchie was looking for Pokemon constellations in the stars, wouldn't they already have been charted? Or is he the very first one to discover astronomy. Or astrology. I get mixed up between those two.
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    Gary's sister?

    I'm not sure where this would go, but did Gary, or the rival, anyway, have a sister in the games? At least in the first two? Or was it his mother as well? I vaguely recall a female at the rival's house. Can't remember if it was his sister or mother. Never seen her in the anime, of course...
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    Orange Island names

    I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who knew the names of the islands, and which gym leader was on which island. The guy who liked Misty was on Trovita, right? Did a few islands have the same name. I just finished watching season two, and it seemed like they'd gone to Mandarin...
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    What have you named your Pokemon?

    Anyone wanna share? I named a female Bellsprout BelleFleur. An Ekans Slytherin. As soon as I catch a rock Pokemon, espeically an Onix, it'll be Pietro, or Petra. A Sentreck, I can't make up my mind if it should be Bunny or Usagi. I named it Bunny, but I might catch another one to name it...
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    Similar Personality Traits between Pokemon and their Trainers

    Prof Oak said that Pokemon and their trainers have similar personalities, not sure which ep, though. So...anyone spotted any? Ash, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu are pretty stuborn, that's for sure. And determined. Surge and his Raichu were both...can't really describe it, but they did have a...
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    In Riddle Me This, before Magma came out of the lava pit, Blaine said Ash would find it interesting becauase it turned all its opponents into Ash. I forgot how he phrased it, but Satoshi doesn't really mean Ash, does it? So, what did he say in the original anime? Anyone know?