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  1. M

    Help with E4 Champion

    Hi guys. I need some help beating this woman for the first time. I trained my team by going through the Elite Four until the team faints about twice already (each time I got to the third/fourth guy's steel/psychic, can't remember it's name). I got to the champion the third time round, and yes I...
  2. M

    Battle Frontier in the UK

    Once again Toonami UK gets the latest series. It starts on Monday 5th February 5pm, and as expected they have it on daily, repeated to death. Oh yes and there's no titles or synopsis. Here we go again. At a quick glance it runs through all of February at these times: 7am, 5pm and 7:30pm...
  3. M

    10th Anniversary In The UK

    I'm surprised there's no topic about this yet 0_0 http://www.pokemon.co.uk/index2.php The 10th anniversary tour is going to: Southampton, West Quay (tomorrow, first day was today) Manchester, Trafford Centre (21 & 22 Oct) Newcastle, Metro Centre (23 & 24 Oct) - I'm going to this one :D...
  4. M

    Pokémon Ranger UK Release Date

    1st March 2007 :thumbd: :banghead: I find it very strange as.. 1) It's about four months after Dungeon's release which is early November 2) It's a Thursday, games are released on Fridays I'm sure of it This doesn't bode well for Diamond and Pearl's release date over here :( So glad I...
  5. M

    7 Member Team - Who Should Go?

    I recently restarted Sapphire with a team of 5 traded/bred in the other games. I started with Torchic, and caught a few others in the game so I wouldn't have 5 disobediant team members by the time I got to the first gym. The thing is I've got 7 members in my team now that are stuck with me, and...
  6. M

    UK - Advanced Battle Schedule

    I don't know if anyone would find this useful (I usually do), but just in case I thought I'd post it somewhere else but my ickle site. If anyone wants to edit to make it neater or add anything I've missed, be my guest. Note - For January and February I do not know which episodes are showing...
  7. M

    Trapinch and Vibrava! Dub Title

    Original Japanese Name: Trapinch and Vibrava! Lake of Illusion! Dub Title: Beg, Burrow & Steal The opening is different. There's a clip of Pikachu using iron tail, and also Manene & Manyula are no longer with TR. It's strange watching them react to nothing running past. The woman is...
  8. M

    Advanced Battle on UK Toonami

    Hi guys, I wasn't sure where to post this or if it's been posted here yet.. but just in case I thought I'd let everyone know. Toonami Uk has got the rights to show Advanced Battle instead of Sky One. Great news for the people who are sick of it starting late because of those stupid looooong...