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  1. Yoshi1001

    GO Did you expect Pokemon GO to be as successful as it is?

    One thing that really impressed me is the "spillover" effect into sales of other Pokemon products. On iTunes, 2.B.A. Master and the first few movies have shot up from their usual positions, and I suspect card sales have seen an uptick as well. Spotify also reported a surge in Pokemon listening...
  2. Yoshi1001

    Fossil Zapdos' and Their Errors

    The missing foil may have just been an issue with the 1st Edition Cards, but I'm not sure.
  3. Yoshi1001

    GO Pokemon Go Theme Song

    Well, for the commercials, they could license "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS ("Two Worlds Collided", know what I mean?). ;) Honestly, though, some variation of the main game theme would probably be best. I do like the Pokemon World song, but the game theme is more universal.
  4. Yoshi1001

    Sony, Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures battle for Pokémon movie rights: The Hollywood...

    Just a minor suggestion-the Bulbanews article could be more clear in that the original source mentions a live-action movie. From an initial reading it sounded like they were bidding on the rights for the existing animated film series.
  5. Yoshi1001

    New Red and Green soundtrack CD to be released in Japan: Will also include music from...

    As far as whether the tracks are from the old CD set, for what it's worth, the music used in the Pokémon Mario Maker level for the costumes is the same as the tracks on the original release, so they definitely still have those tracks somewhere.
  6. Yoshi1001

    Remixes of older theme songs?

    The season 1 theme reprise was likely a one-off, as it does have the most nostalgia attached to it. Personally, I would be interested in them doing a cover album for the 20th anniversary (something like "Pokemon Johto" performed by an acapella group could be a lot of fun), but I don't think...
  7. Yoshi1001

    Pokémon Reorchestrated YouTube channel taken down: Third copyright strike resulted in...

    Also, I suspect it generally helps drive traffic to the original video, which benefits the creator. As far as reviewing claims, YouTube (even as a subsidiary of a large company like Google), doesn't have the resources to review every one, especially since I assume most aren't disputed. That...
  8. Yoshi1001

    Pokémon Reorchestrated YouTube channel taken down: Third copyright strike resulted in...

    Even if the notification was listed as being filed manually, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the folks who file these types of notices (as noted in the videos, this kind of work is often outsourced) have some sort of automation on their end (anyone know if filing a manual claim requires...
  9. Yoshi1001

    Pokémon movies to be available via digital distribution, new movie-based iBooks to be ...

    I don't personally think the market's there for remastering a ton of episodes. Maybe they could do a sampler with 5-10 key ones, but beyond the movies I don't think a full remaster would be worth TPCI's time or money.
  10. Yoshi1001

    English dubs of first three Pokémon movies coming to Region 1 on Blu-ray disc: Arriving ...

    The version of Pokemon 3 on iTunes US from 2009-early 2011 had the short and was available in HD (rental only-purchase was 480p widescreen). I know the 480p version still exists because if you bought it back then you can still download it. Actually, the original dub cover of 2000 is one of my...
  11. Yoshi1001

    English dubs of first three Pokémon movies coming to Region 1 on Blu-ray disc: Arriving ...

    Very strange that Pokemon hasn't officially announced anything despite them coming out early next month. The lack of additional features is likely a contractual issue-I'm guessing that after the original rights expired (WB apparently had 10 years after the theatrical release to sell them), the...
  12. Yoshi1001

    Will Pikachu ever forget Electro Ball (and learn something more useful)

    If not for Dedenne, Pikachu probably would have learned Nuzzle this generation-maybe they thought that move wasn't "cool" enough for him.
  13. Yoshi1001

    Misty references in Diamond & Pearl series

    Really, in order for this to happen Misty would need to make some sort of major appearance (Elite Four/Champion of a new region?) in one of the games, which would more or less force the anime's hand. Seems unlikely.
  14. Yoshi1001

    Music Chances of us getting old music tracks back for the anniversary?

    There could be a technical reason behind it-As I recall, with the dub, within the last few years they switched from 2.0 to 5.1 (at least for the broadcast version on CN) for the show-not sure if the Japanese version made a similar transition at some point-it's possible the old recordings...
  15. Yoshi1001

    Questions about some older episodes

    Just to clarify, Pokemon was syndicated in the US prior to moving to the WB-a lot of the stations showing it just happened to be UPN affiliates.
  16. Yoshi1001

    PSMD Special: Should One Happen?

    Pokemon side games seem to fall into the "you get them or you don't" realm, depending on what aspects attract you to the main games (Snap and Hey You, Pikachu being the biggest examples of the phenomenon). As for a special, it would be nice, but in a way I find it somewhat unfulfilling when a...
  17. Yoshi1001

    Undubbed Pikachu shorts and specials for movies

    The situation would make more sense if the shorts are contractually separate on some level. For what it's worth, the versions of the second and third movies WB had on iTunes before their rights expired had the shorts.
  18. Yoshi1001

    Undubbed Pikachu shorts and specials for movies

    I could see them releasing (some of) them in one big collection at a later point. It would partially explain why they're left out of the recent movie 1-3 release in Australia (though there are entries in the end credits for them, as I recall). They do have kind of a different market than the...
  19. Yoshi1001

    Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction now available as digital download and iBook: To be...

    The whole situation is a bit murky (did you get some information directly from Beyond there?)-from what I know, WB's rights to sell them expired 10 years after the theatrical release date (in the case of 2000, there's a specific date in 2010 it vanished off iTunes US), so any rights they still...
  20. Yoshi1001

    Best Performance by Shoko Nakagawa?

    I only really know her from her musical work, which limits me to the "Antenna of the Heart" and "Notch-Eared Pichu" singles (which I liked).