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    ITT we discuss nature's gift to humans: Tea! :lick: What are you favorites? When do you drink it? How do you like it prepared? Feel free to share any good tea-food combos or ways you use tea to cook! For me, I always start the day with Earl Grey. Its been that way for years, so its kind of...
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    What form of fitness did you do today?

    Just like the title says. Did you do any physical activity today? If so, what? Bike, run, lift weights, play basketball, save babies from a fire? Anyway, I went for a good bike ride. About 25 miles. Good pace, but today was my recovery day. Ya'll?
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    The Official Guide

    With the mass of information available on the Internet, the guidebooks aren’t very useful anymore. They are still nice to read, and contain great artwork of the pokemon and characters. Is anyone planning on getting the guide for HG/SS, as Gamestop is already taking reservations? At $20 it isn’t...
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    March Nintendo Power Cover

    I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but the cover story for March's NintendoPower is on HG/SS. There really isn't much in it that we didn't already know here, but it does show alot of screenshots and give a nice overview of what to expect. They even go into the changes from the old games...
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    Do you find it hard to play the old games?

    So we all know many changes have been made since Gen I, like the addition of the Exp. Bar, bag pockets, running shoes, and HM use (how you can just stand in front of a tree and just press A to use cut). Even the addition of clocks, and the animated sprites has made game play different and more...
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    Explorers of Sky?

    Seeing that it came out yesterday, has anyone bought it yet? Anyone here plan on getting it? It really seems like this game (and the PMD series as a whole) has been ignored lately. Is it because of the hype of HG/SS or is everyone tired of the spinoff games? I'm thinking about getting it...
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    Coffee, Tea or none?

    So, What hot drink do you usually enjoy? I'm a tea person myself, usually a its just plain ol' regular with just a squirt of lemon; no milk no sugar. Sometimes I do go for green, white, or vanilla. Most of the time I try to go for decaf unless its first thing in the morning. I can't...
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    More releases from Viz

    So it seems that Viz has decided to continue with releasing the pokemon adventures (special) manga here. We will also be getting a new DPA. Over the next few months we will be getting: (spoiler tags are links to the covers) Pokemon Adventures Vol. 3 (Oct. 6th, 2009) Vol. 4 (Dec. 1st 2009)...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello to everyone in the Bulbagarden Forums! I’ve been a Pokefan ever since way “back in the day”. For a while I stopped watching the show and playing the games, but now I’m hooked (again). Hope to have some fun with you here. Wish you all the best! (P.s. My screen name has nothing to do...