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  1. Keshav

    Anyone else feeling sad that XY has ended?

    I watched the remaining dubbed episodes that came after the team flare yesterday. I knew most of the content because I read reviews here but actually watching them was a different feel. Even greninja's release didn't bother me much after watching the episode while before I was very salty about...
  2. Keshav

    Pikachu's Z-move

    This thread is full of spoilers about the game and possibly for the anime too.
  3. Keshav

    Will SM have a low number of major battles?

    The games have finally released. After playing it, one can easily see the low number of battles present in the games. The same will happen to the anime. Previously, there were 8 gyms, 8 battles. Now there are: 4 Kahunas The elite four(Ash wouldn't reach here obviously) Champion( same for the...
  4. Keshav

    Will SM be a reboot?

    There are many things that are pointing towards it:- 1. The XYZ finale. Didn't it feel like the end of the anime? The usual next time a new beginning text wasn't there too. 2. Ash made it to the finals so to show natural progression, he would have to win it. The writers can't do it because this...
  5. Keshav

    Which are the greatest battles in the anime?

    Which battles are your favorite in the anime?( Not necessarily Ash's battles) Mine are:- Ash vs Drake Ash vs Tobias Ash vs clemont(gym battle) Ash vs Tyson Ash vs Tobias Ash vs Sawyer Most favorite battle:- Ash vs Trip(First battle):- It was a really nice battle, got me back into the anime and...
  6. Keshav

    Mega charizard X was given special treatment

    I think that mega charizard X received special treatment. First, he was shown in Pokemon Origins. After that he was shown in mega evolution specials. There is more, he was then featured in XY and Z and he was the one to defeat Ash greninja. Mega charziard Y was unknown in the anime until Trevor...
  7. Keshav

    Are you expecting another Ash vs Alain?

    So are you guys expecting another Ash vs Alain? Well I have some theories about it. The first one being the rigged league theories:- 1.Sunny day theory: In the battle they focused on the sun and it seemed to be bright. It is possible that some team flare grunt used sunny day. 2.Mega evolution...
  8. Keshav

    [Theory] Ash's future in Alola

    By now, everyone must have seen the concept art featuring Ash and Mallow. Most likely it is NOT a concept art for the anime but the games. This possibly proves that Ash will be present in the games so to feature Ash Greninja as that forme would be meaningless without Ash. So, what is Ash's role...
  9. Keshav

    Possible reasons for the Kalos League finale

    The possible reason I can think of is:- the battle actually was setup as Ash's victory but the writers couldn't figure out how exactly will they handle the elite four matches while also doing the flare arc in such a short time as the anime is just for the promotion of the games and SM's real is...
  10. Keshav

    Pikachu's volt tackle

    I was pretty much disappointed when this move was replaced with Electro ball while they could have just kept it as in anime, there were pokemon with more than 4 moves. This awesome move defeated Tobias's latios and many others. It only had a brief appearance in BW and then woosh, it's gone! So...
  11. Keshav

    Pokemon Shuffle coming to android and IOS Soon!

    Nintendo has already released Pokemon shuffle Beta version (pre-release version) for Android in Japan it was available from 30 june to 14 july at playstore now Nintendo has started releasing games for smartphones and who knows , SOON FOR PC ,XBOX AND PS! THE FUTURE IS NOW THANKS TO...
  12. Keshav

    Let's talk something About GEN-VII

    Rumors are there about GEN-VII and the according to an interview between the creators of Pokemon , it is leaked that they are planning for a GEN-VII , which increases the chances that Ash is gonna lose the Kalos league.... Some people are calling GEN-VII as 'Pokemon Plus and minus' ,i think it...
  13. Keshav


    Guys i was thinking that actually Nintendo's Consoles are nothing in front of any other console. if Some Pokemon games will be released for PC/Xbox1/PS4 , then think about it how great they would be? SUUUPER GRAAPHICS AND GREAT GAMING EXPERIENCE! ORAS or XY are actually nothing in front of any...
  14. Keshav


    HELLO EVERYONE! my name is Keshav i'm From India nice to meet you all! i'm also a pokemon fan like you all , basically interested in GEN 6 and GEN 4 , sinnoh was awesome too! i have been watching pokemon since episode 1 ! tho i was not able to watch it from 20th century but was able to watch...