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  1. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Do you think that Ohmori is off to a good start (as a core series director)?

    His games thus far being ORAS and SM, the latter of which is his first wholly original game. I don't really like either of them, but I definitely think that he is doing well in some way. Trying to break conventions and play with new ideas. Particularly in SM, with more emphasis on world...
  2. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Now that the game's are closer...Thoughts on "Reverting to simplicity"?

    (Old, but perhaps more relevant now than before? :3) Ken Sugimori talks Pokémon Gen 7: Reverting back to simplicity (The link to the thread on this site doesn't work for some reason, but w/e.) What's most interesting to me about this now as we near the game's release is that we'll be able to...
  3. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Hello all

    Hello Bulbagarden! I've been visiting and utilizing Bulbapedia for years now, but only recently have I discovered the forum...^^; I've lurked for the last month or so, so I figured I may as well join! Especially since I do enjoy talking Pokemon with people. Here's to a good time, then.