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  1. Fluttershy of Light

    Pokemon Sword and Shield VGC 2020 Ruleset and Discussion

    The VGC 2020 ruleset has been officially released. The Rules are quite similar to Previous years VGC format. They being Doubles, no duplicate held items, and can't bring two pokemon of the same dex number. They must also have the SWSH symbol similar to the symbols used since Gen 6. The newest...
  2. Fluttershy of Light

    Battle mechanic changes in Sword and Shield

    So what Changes or additions to Moves and/or Abilities would you like to see in Sword and Shield? It could be from Movepool gains to new Moves/abilities, or certain tweaks to existing Moves/abilities.
  3. Fluttershy of Light

    UvD 87: Weaponry vs Magic

    Greetings players it is now time for the next UvD which will pit the medieval weaponry of Swords, Axes, and Lances against its rival, Magic. The battleground will begin at 250 and ends at either 0 or 500 for a total dominant victory. The usual rules apply which are.. No ping-ponging posts...
  4. Fluttershy of Light

    Simple Symphony Cup

    The next Global link Cup has been announced. This one is single battles but only those Pokémon that have just one type are allowed. Mascot legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon are banned as are Mega stones but Z moves are legal. The prize is unfortunately just 50 Battle points so no new Shiny...
  5. Fluttershy of Light

    Battle Spot Special: Rules & Discussion

    With the new ruleset announced and the new Battle spot season coming it's as good time as any for a thread about the Battle Spot Special format. The upcoming rules for this season is in Doubles format with only Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon, and the Ultra beasts. The other standard rules...
  6. Fluttershy of Light

    Ultra Spooky Cup

    The Next Global Link Competition has been announced. The Spooky Cup is keeping to the Spirit of Halloween with only Pokemon that are Spooky are allowed into the competition. The format is singles and allows for 6 Pokemon to be used but only 3 of them will be allowed in one battle. Items minus...
  7. Fluttershy of Light

    Nintendo Directs Thread

    With another Nintendo Direct announced for Tomorrow at 6pm ET we decided to just keep one active thread open for Nintendo Directs so this one will remain open. Even after discussion of this one has ended. But for now let's focus on this one :p. What are your predictions for this direct and...
  8. Fluttershy of Light

    Video Game Championship and Nov. International Challenge 2019 Format Discussion

    The VGC Rules for 2019 were revealed during Worlds this past weekend. They will be dividing VGC into 3 different categories for the rest of 2018 and 2019. VGC is of course doubles format with a choose a team of 6 and pick four of them to battle. And Since this is the official Format of Pokemon I...
  9. Fluttershy of Light

    UvD version 78: Jedi Knights vs Sith Lords

    Welcome to the 78th version of Up vs Down. In this round we will have The Jedi Knights vs the Sith Lords. Le Rules of the Force 1. All Bulbagarden rules still apply 2. The Jedi knights will need to reach the High ground of 500 while the Sith Lords having to fight on the low ground to reach 0...
  10. Fluttershy of Light

    BMGF Metronome Cup

    Was planning on doing themed battle competitiond like this one for a while. The main idea for this competition however is for all the Pokémon that can use the move Metronome. There was a recent Poketuber's Metronome battles event which is where I had gotten the idea :p. This will follow similar...
  11. Fluttershy of Light

    June 2018 International Challenge.

    The next Global link competition has been announced. This competition will be using the VGC format so 4v4 Doubles format with the National Dex but they must have been breed/caught in the the Seventh Generation. Registration begins 7th through the 14 while the battles begin the 15th through the...
  12. Fluttershy of Light

    Breeding Competitive Pokemon in the 7th Generation Guide

    Before we start there are a few things we must go over and acquire for successful breeding in the 7th Gen. 1. Knowing the Location of the Daycare Center The daycare is located on Akala Island in the north east of Paniola town and west of the Battle Royal building. It'll have it's own fly to...
  13. Fluttershy of Light

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Since it was Revealed in the Trailer today this thread will be used to discuss the upcoming SSB game for the Nintendo Switch. There is a rather huge questions about it like whether or not this will be a Smash 4 remake since they moved away from the Wii U or a new game entirely, will the Inklings...
  14. Fluttershy of Light

    Looking for US exclusives in Beast Balls

    As the title suggests I'm looking for the three evolution lines that are newly exclusive to Ultra Sun. Those three lines being Houndour, Golett, and Clauncher. I can trade mostly all the new Pokémon that are catchable in USUM that are in beast balls minus quite a few of the Island scan...
  15. Fluttershy of Light

    "Up vs Down" 56th VA edition

    Hoi there and welcome to the 56th edition of Up Vs Down. This UvD will be featuring two Voice Actresses. The first VA is the voice of your childhood who has voiced many characters including Bubbles from The Power puff Girls. Raven from Teen Titans, Harley Quinn from Batman and many more...
  16. Fluttershy of Light

    Lf Ha Mienfoo

    As the title suggests I'm looking for Reckless Mienfoo for breeding purposes for the Unova competition coming up next weekend.. Nature, and Ivs don't matter.. I have quite a few extra Pokemon from breeding that I don't need and want to get rid in my PC.. I'll post a complete list of what I have...
  17. Fluttershy of Light

    Short Introduction

    This looks to be the place for introductions lol so.. I'm Arrow of Light. I'm a competitive player for Pokemon who specializes in a Defensive play style and sets you'll probably not see all that often. My favorite type is fairy and am looking forward to using the new fairy types of G7 to add to...