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  1. Mikuri

    Review SM129: The Great Fray! Battle Royal 151!!

    Kurolegacy was saying the writers could have developed original characters to join the League, but that's unnecessary. The League had Kahili and Plumeria as participants, and I think these two should have passed the preliminary round instead of Sophocles and Lillie. It's surreal that all of...
  2. Mikuri

    Review SM129: The Great Fray! Battle Royal 151!!

    I know she's not an Elite Four member in the anime, but Kahili being eliminated this early while the likes of Sophocles and Lillie got to advance is insane. Overall a ridiculous episode. Ash's classmates helping one another, while cute, should be against the rules. This is not a Tag Battle...
  3. Mikuri

    Name a bigger downgrade than this.

    Going from Pokémon Contests and the Pokéathlon in Generation IV to the Pokémon Musical and the Pokéstar Studios in Generation V. It was such a downgrade, we never got another side feature after that.
  4. Mikuri

    What's your opinion on the XY/XYZ saga?

    While the fandom consensus is that XY succeeded where BW failed miserably at, a new analysis shows that a romance plot was used to hide many of the same mistakes made by its predecessor . In this essay I will... XY was disappointing. Not that it was bad, but I expected something more. Still, I...
  5. Mikuri

    Least Favorite Saga

    Best Wishes takes the cake. I was reading a thread the other day and people were saying how BW wasn't that bad and how they were able to enjoy several of its episodes upon rewatching, but I just can't bring myself to like it. It is definitely my least favorite series. Not long ago I was...
  6. Mikuri

    Controversial opinions

    The Diamond & Pearl series is Brock's best saga. There, I said it. Now allow me to explain why I think so. Warning: this post is going to be long. Brock had been claiming since his debut that he wanted to be the world's #1 Breeder, and while breeding in the anime refers to assuring that a...
  7. Mikuri

    Post your favorite Pokemon anime quotes!

    From Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn!, after Dawn faints due to Ursula's Plusle and Minun ruining her hair. Ash: hands Dawn a cup of coffee Dawn: Thanks, Ash. That was really thoughtful of you! Ash: Thanks, but it was Brock's idea! It's just silly and it makes me laugh.
  8. Mikuri

    How would you view the sun and moon series in terms of quality

    I have several problems with the Sun & Moon anime series. First I want to talk about the structure of the series. I'll confess that I was genuinely surprised when they announced that Ash would be attending school in Alola rather than traveling as he always do. However, I was willing to give it...
  9. Mikuri

    Controversial opinions

    I disagree. Dawn won her first Ribbon after defeating Kenny. If you remove Kenny, who would have Dawn defeated to win that Ribbon? A nobody who we never heard of and would never see again. Do people even remember who May defeated in order to earn her first Ribbon? Like I said, I understand why...
  10. Mikuri

    Controversial opinions

    I am one of the few who liked Dawn's rival Kenny. I've seen many people calling him bland and boring, and while I understand where they're coming from, I think Kenny was a nice rival who served his purpose and provided some very good moments. One of the things I like about Kenny is that he is a...
  11. Mikuri

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    Gyms are being brought back to the games and with that Ash is guaranteed to go on a journey again in order to collect Badges. That's good news to me because it means that Ash will be actually working towards his goal rather than having fun under the Alolan sun. It also allows the writers to...
  12. Mikuri

    Review SM102: Alola at Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!

    Agreed. Sadly this wasn't one of them. I mean, what is even the point of bringing Brock to Alola if you're going to dump him in the nearest Pokémon Center? The original group is reunited, but instead of having them hang out together, Brock is left to take care of a Yungoos. Brock's appearance...
  13. Mikuri

    Review SM102: Alola at Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!

    Why blame Team Rocket when the first half of the episode was completely uneventful? Mantine surfing took too much screentime. Playing with Alolan Exeggutor took too much screentime. But of course Team Rocket are the ones to blame.
  14. Mikuri

    Review SM102: Alola at Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!

    What a boring episode. It's nice that fans of Misty and Brock can watch their beloved characters again, but this episode wasn't a good one. So Misty gets to visit a store and surf on a Mantine. Meh. Wish the writers would show more of Misty interacting with Lana and maybe tell us how much she...
  15. Mikuri

    Subtitle reliability

    Bulbapedia has bigger issues than its reliance on subtitles, such as staff members starting articles with no real content and demanding others to create full-length pages on their userspace before they can be mainspaced, taking years and years to resolve discussions on pages that are candidates...
  16. Mikuri

    Controversial opinions

    Is this true though? I just re-watched the scene in which Meowth translates what Piplup says to Dawn when he is explaining why he doesn't want to evolve and Mamoswine wasn't mentioned. Piplup says that he will protect Dawn from Team Rocket the same way he did when they were attacked by a swarm...
  17. Mikuri

    Alola League is probably gonna be 3v3 or 4v4 battles at this point.

    The thread has deviated from its intended purpose and now it essentially consists of complaints about Ash never winning a League Conference. Sigh. I still think we will get at least one Full Battle this series. Ash can add new Pokémon to his party before the League begins. Though he might not...
  18. Mikuri

    Your most recent watched Pokemon episode

    The Ribbon Cup Caper!. It was good seeing Mr. Contesta outside of a Contest Hall, but Brodie giving up a trophy made of pure gold saying it isn't valuable enough was meh.
  19. Mikuri

    An interesting observation I had today (also why I defend adaptation over translation)

    As Lauralegal said, some names in the Brazilian dub of Pokémon Sun & Moon were changed to names more suitable for a Portuguese-speaking country, and it's about time they did that. This should have happened sooner. The names used in the English dub are weird and their pronunciation is confusing...
  20. Mikuri

    Ever wonder how the Contest World is doing?

    Thank you for this thread. I miss Pokémon Contests so much and it's nice having a thread to talk about them again. -Did May ever beat Soledad or win The Grand Festival? Doubtful. Solidad was presented as this talented af Coordinator and she studied May's battling style during the Kanto Grand...