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    Opinions on IGN.com's Top 100 Pokemon List

    Today is the first day of IGN's list of top 100 Pokemon with the first batch today, and the rest to follow each day of the week. What do you think of the voters choices so far? What do you think of the comments of each Pokemon? Do you think this was a dumb idea to begin with, and is a...
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    Problems with wiki?

    I saw what I think is an error on the wiki page for the move Lock On: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lock_on. It seems there are two boxes for Gen IV level up Pokemon. I know this isn't the right place for this but where do I put this sort of thing in the future?
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    What kind of holidays do you think exist in the Poke-world? This doesn't include festivals and holidays already scene in the anime. I can see a festival in Spring regarding Shaymin, or maybe Ho-Oh being involved in the Summer solstice. What are your ideas about the holidays? Maybe they...
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    Favorite Signature Moves?

    What are your favorite signature moves? Judgement is pretty cool, as well as Aeroblast. Leaf Blade is amazing, and I feel it was wasted on Sceptile. My Gallade kills with it.
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    Worst Song?

    What is the worst song in any game you have played? I hate the bicycle theme in Diamond/Pearl with a passion. All battle and Pokecenter themes are annoying too, but thats just because I hear them so much.
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    Your Review?

    For those of you who have played Black and White, what would your review of it be? They have gotten 40/40 before, would you score it the same? EDIT: Now that the international release is getting very close, this is no longer just for the Japanese games. Though, I guess I didn't specify just...
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    Other Games?

    Does anyone only play Pokemon video games? I don'y, I play all the main Nintendo series, as well as some PS2 and PS3 games. I am curious as if someone on here only plays Pokemon, being a Pokemon website.
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    Best Moves For Each Type

    What would you say the best moves (or your favorites) for each type? For me, I like these: Flamethrower, Fire Surf, Water Giga Drain, Grass Megahorn, Bug Psychic, Psychic Dark Pulse, Dark Shadow Ball, Ghost Aura Sphere, Fighting Stone Edge, Rock Earthquake, Ground Ice Beam, Ice...
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    I couldn't find a thread about this, which surprised me. What new berry affects do you think will be introduced in B/W? Or will they put new berries in?
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    A restart

    I have beaten Pearl through and through. I'm three Pokemon away from completing the national dex and I have logged over 500 hours on the cartridge. But now that Soul Silver is my main game, I'm considering starting over on Pearl once I get all the Pokemon. I would just be for the fun of it, to...
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    I guess I'm still new, but I will reply to a thread, such as the News stories shown on Bulbanews, and then I'll go back to that thread and see that my reply isn't there anymore. Whats going on?