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  1. Raves

    Shrine of the Third Eye: The Wishlist Thread.

    Shrine of the Third Eye The Wishlist Thread Deep in the forest south of Fizzytopia's central city lies a cobbled path, winding through the tranquil woodlands. At the end of the path, through a tall redwood torii stands a beautiful temple, its architecture similar to the fabled towers of...
  2. Raves

    Mafia Basic Mafia: The start of a whole new tactics game...

    ...that could potentially lead to greater things to come. Anyways, this sort of game has been run successfully and awesomely on Smogon, and one wishes to bring a basic mafia game thread here. So, what is Mafia? It is a game of deceit, lies, betrayal, trust and cunning. In it, the player...
  3. Raves

    So, seeker of pointless info seeks forum info that is normally classed as pointless.

    Possibly longest title for any thread in BMGf so far? Who knows. However, this isn't the point. The point of the thread here is simply my lust for knowledge being sated. As a random poster of sporadic appearance, signing up firstly for FB exclusively before branching out to other threads...
  4. Raves

    Entering the realm of the plantoid garden...

    Or some drawn-out crap like that. I'm from SPPfail, under the same name, and have been a fan of pokemon for a good while. One could say that community is my middle name, were I not already claiming my middle name as 'Paradox'. Either way, nice to meet you all.