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  1. Silktree

    Speculation Split Timeline Query

    @Esserise I prefer the old "gameplay and story segregation" as an excuse, personally.
  2. Silktree

    Speculation Split Timeline Query

    Except for the games with actual sequels. Black and Black 2 don't contradict each other, and the same goes for White and White 2. RGBY and GSC are trickier, but only because of Red and Blue's Pokemon (the former match Yellow and the latter match RGB), although nothing says that they couldn't...
  3. Silktree

    Speculation Split Timeline Query

    1. While XY are inconsistent with ORAS, Zinnia states that the Kalos war is the event that caused the Mega Evolution split. This would place XY and ORAS in the same general timeline, seeing as the war was referenced in all those games. You could explain the discrepancies (which are due to poor...