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    Offering LVL 50 Deoxys

    Due to an event earlier this year, I have obtained a level 100 Deoxys. I no longer need this LVL 50 Deoxys. If anyone's curious it's from the Pokemon rangers side game. It's sitting around in my legendary box in BW2 EDIT: Free during Saturday and Sunday this week GMT+12
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    And...I'm back???

    So earlier this year I signed up, however my account became sadly inactive after a while. So I thought I'd seize the chance and reintroduce myself! Hello there! By the way, i'm willing to trade my Scatterbug in X and Y for another Scatterbug, I live in New Zealand but I have no idea what the...
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    Wanted dead or alive: Mew

    Looking for a legitimate Mew. Make an for for 1,2 or 3 of these and I'll think it over Dialga Eevees (Must breed BE WARNED I'M A SLOW BREEDER) Hydreigon Glaceon Jolteon Gardevoir Gallade Heatran Regice Metagross Marowak (DW) Ledian(With Drain punch!) I can trade during the day my...
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    WANTED: Piplup!

    I want Piplup really badly!!! I can offer: EVERYTHING FROM THE DREAM RADAR, EVERYTHING!!!!, except gen 4. Absol Magneton Scrafty Sandslash SLOWPOKE! PORYGON! GLISCOR! Eevee on request. CHIMCHAR! MAROWAK! HYDREIGON! LEDIAN! You can make an offer for 2 or 3 of these and I will...
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    Wanted: 100% Legit Deoxys!

    I'm looking for a 100% Legit Deoxys NOT cloned Any nature Any EV's or IV's Any Forme All Pokemon are from New Zealand UNLESS otherwise stated. Offers: Dialga(Japanese) Metagross(Japanese) Bulbasaur(Unknown, Possibly Spain) Chimchar(Unknown) Squirtle(Unknown) Totodile(Unknown) All 3 Swords of...
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    In this forum minigame have to steal the cookie from the member above using any method! EG: (INSERT USER HERE) Was slapped with a fish, while he was stunned I took the cookie! Ok? Imma start :P I stole the cookie from the oven with oven gloves :P
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    Hi i'm Bio I don't post too too much but I like pokemon (WELL DUH.) And also I suck at competetive battling. Ok, now I don't know what to write so um, bai! ;-)