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  1. DasManiac

    The Series' demographic is changing. More adults are now buying the games than kids.

    Siliconera had a fascinating article showing the shifting demographics of the series. Despite the fact that the series is now almost entirely played by adults, Game Freak insists on making the games easier and still targeting kids as the primary demographic. In fact people my age, College...
  2. DasManiac

    The Marketing of OR/AS

    So with OR/AS it seems that the marketing has well revealed almost everything. I'm sure there are some surprises left in the game but I've really been displeased with how the marketing has been handled. With X/Y not as many Mega Evolutions were revealed ahead of time. I really don't think Mega...
  3. DasManiac

    Somebody predicted or knew about this game last year.

    I don't know how many people on here have seen this but it was discovered by users on NeoGaf. It's an IGN forum post from last year where a user named UltraMario256 said Ruby & Sapphire remakes should be called "AlphaRuby" and "OmegaSapphire". As far as anybody can tell the post is legitimate...
  4. DasManiac

    What can Game Freak do to improve Ice types?

    So Ice is often regarded as the worst type in the game because of it's crippling number of weaknesses and the fact that it only resists itself. It's my favorite type but I'm perfectly willing to except it's almost completely useless. I think Ice needs to be super effective against Water and...
  5. DasManiac

    GEN VI: GEN VI: Drizzle Politoed, Axew, Charizardite Y, and Bulbasaur

    So I'm looking for a Politoed with Drizzle, a Bulbasaur, an Axew, and Charizardite Y. What I have to offer isn't a whole lot but I do have a Hydration Lapras (Calm Nature) and several Pokemon with Pokerus. The Lapras however does not have Pokerus. My Friend Code is in my signature and my name is...
  6. DasManiac

    What Pokemon would make for good starters?

    Since all starters have been a three stage line I think Mareep, Flaafy, and Ampharos would make for good starters. Mareep isn't a super powerful Pokemon at the beginning of the game and is relatively easy to train thanks to the regional bird appearing early on. Another good one I think would be...
  7. DasManiac

    Should Earthquake affect Pokemon that float?

    So Earthquake is a pretty powerful move and even more powerful with STAB. The big problem I have with this move is not that everybody loves it or uses it (I use it) but the fact that it affects Pokemon that so clearly do not touch the ground. Pokemon like Glalie clearly do not touch the ground...
  8. DasManiac

    Why not a Professor Oak spin-off?

    So lately I've been thinking that there should be a spin-off about a younger Professor Oak. It's obvious that he was a trainer at some point as he created The Pokedex. It would focus on Professor Oak's travels and adventures as a trainer presumably with Agatha as well. Yes, the anime never...
  9. DasManiac

    Just found out this place existed.

    I've been using Bulbapedia for a while now but I never realized it had a forum. I know most Pokemon forums are kinda nuts so I was skeptical at first about this one but it seems pretty sane. I'm 19 and my first Pokemon game was Ruby I believe. The next one I played was FireRed and then Emerald...