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  1. Deadman

    Are there any Fakémons you would love to be in an official game?

    Well, I was just wondering (after watching some YT vids), there are tons of Fakémons around, some are good, most are terrible. I just wanna know if you encountered any good Fakémons that you would love to make it in an official game? (NOTICE: please don't spam the thread with your own Fakémons...
  2. Deadman

    Poll: Next Eeveelotion you want to see (Top 3)?

    Well, many of you have Eeveelotion preferences (I'm not sure which three I like the most). Serena's Eevee capture and speculation of what it will evolve to (most likely Sylveon, I mean ash's ribbon and it's ribbon feelers, feeling emotions, looking feminine and good for performances, to name...
  3. Deadman

    TEEN: Meet me! (creepypasta Metroid)

    Authors Comment: You see, I just lately became familiar with creepypasta and got an interest to them. Since I like some writing myself I though I give it a shot. It's a first but I like to hear some thoughts from others. Hope it gave some goosebumps or an uneasy feeling. Please let me hear your...
  4. Deadman

    Potential new battling style?!

    (Wasn't sure where to post it so I went for the general area) When I was watching the Vanipete episode, at the team rocket scene, where Ash starts the battle, I got this little idea. When he was telling Clemont and Serena to call out their Pokèmon, I thought he looks like a leader or team...
  5. Deadman

    XY catches you'd like to see?

    Well, I was wondering, XY just started and none of the main cast (excluding Bonnie since she is too young to be a trainer and Clemont who as a Gym leader already has some Pokés) made many captures. So who would you want to catch which Pokémon in the course of the XY series (restricted to 6 at...
  6. Deadman

    Shouldn't Ash be like a world renowned Superstar by know?

    You know, since the series started Ash did many things and I black out the movies. He helped to make world moving discoveries, helped many people, met many legendary Pokémon, helped stopping evil organizations and saved whole regions, not to mention participated in many tournaments. How is it...
  7. Deadman

    Best Pokemon DP opening (so far)

    Well since the last poll I made had some major mistakes I re-made it correct. That my favorite remains 2010 (not as TV but pretty similar to 2009 just with some improvements)should remain clear.
  8. Deadman

    Will the mystery about Hikaris/Dawns ncikname ever be solved?

    Well What do you think, will this ever be solved? I am so curious what is behind it and you? So question is do you think it will be solved and if when do you think.
  9. Deadman

    Where do YOU locate the chances for Dawn/Hikari to stay for Gen 5

    Well the 13 Season of Pokemon started not so long ago and is probably the last Season of Gen IV so I started to think after all what you saw how high do any of you locate the chance for Hikari/Dawn to stay in Gen V? Feel free to post your opinion as well and sorry I forget the Zero option just...
  10. Deadman

    COMPLETE: Deadly Blizzard (A Pokemon Fan Fiction)

    Well cause it is fucking cold in my region, Satoshi and the gang heading for Snowpoint and I just beat Suzuna/Candice in Platinum I got the Idea for this. It is one of my slightly better works and features PearlShipping and a new Shipping I myself came up and named it BlizzardShipping (Satoshi...
  11. Deadman

    COMPLETE: A Pokemon Fan Fiction called "A Look into the Future" or "Start of the new hero"

    Well first I warn you it mainly is dialog cuz I'm not so good for more than that but each Fanfic I write I try to do better and I only can get better if you help me with ideas and phrases to improve this please post them along with your opinion of the story/idea. Anyway this is the only way I...
  12. Deadman

    Another poll I'm nosy with your thoughs: Ash's age?

    Well I'm kinda nosy aren't I this is already the third poll I came up with and that in such a short time but I still want to know how you feel about it.
  13. Deadman

    Poll: Should Ash/Satoshi get a(n) (additional) female main rival?

    Well the title should say everything. The question I want to ask you people is: Should Ash/Satoshi get a(n) (additional) female main rival? (who has a crush on him). I for my part actually wish it will be Aoi. Hope to see many replies.
  14. Deadman

    Will Pokemon hit the 1000 Episodes?

    Well I just wonder that as far as I know Detective Conan and Pokemon are the longest Animes ever and I started to think "Will Pokemon hit the 1000mark in Episodes" and thought also "Why don't ask the Comunity what they believe". So here is my poll. My answer is maybe cause I'm not that sure but...
  15. Deadman

    Pokemon Gen V Plot and Condition (in Gyms for example) Ideas

    Well I thought first we should merge all Threads with guessing things for the next Gen of Pokemon Games (which I would assume won't come out before a "new" Handheld Gen is released) but actually it is probably better to organize them a little. For Ideas about landscape(in attached Pics) and...