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    fifa world cup 2022 controversy

    as you know I am a sports nut and the FIFA world cup in brazil starts this week but 8 years from now qatar wil host the 2022 world cup and it's been dogged with controversy since they won the bid there's a petition that I've started so click on the link, register, type FIFA: Strip Qatar From...
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    Average battles on the 4 Generations + the black and white games to beat the game

    I just thinking on Average how many battles on each of the 5 Generations when I say each I mean every Generation videogame
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    what's the toughest Pokémon League Conference to win if you're a pokemon trainer

    I thinking what is the pokemon world's toughest regional Conference to win if you're a pokemon trainer (so far)
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    Hello world

    Hiya this is my 1st post and I'm here to say 1 thing Hello world