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  1. BlackButterfree

    Bulbapedia List Of Pokémon By Adventures/Special Debut

    I think this is a page that should be created. After all, we have one for every Pokémon's anime debut. Since Adventures/Special seems to be the "main" Pokémon manga, I feel it is fair that it should get the same treatment. I'll even start it off by listing the first volume.
  2. BlackButterfree

    Mega Evolution And Its Effect On Evolving In Battle

    After a quick search to make sure this subject wasn't already around... Mega Evolution as a mechanic makes it so that a Pokémon can evolve mid-battle at the start of your turn with their previous speed on the turn they Mega Evolve, but with their new Speed the next turn. Yet, while Pokémon...
  3. BlackButterfree

    A Team Leader Page

    Every major category of characters has its own page: Player Characters Rivals Pokémon Professors Gym Leaders Elite Four Champions And there is even a page dedicated to all of the Evil Teams individually and altogether. But there is no page for the Team Leaders (Giovanni, Maxie...
  4. BlackButterfree

    Religion In The Pokémon World

    As fans, we clearly have our own jokes about religion in the Pokémon World (Lord Arceus, Lord Goomy, Lord Helix, Bird Jesus, etc.) but in the Pokémon games themselves, the actual canon we've had people worship Arceus (the Sinjoh people), Rayquaza (the Draconids) and possibly the Tao Trio. But...
  5. BlackButterfree

    Speculation The Mega Evolution Theory Thread: Share Your Own

    Now that ORAS is out and offers some insight into Mega Evolution, it seems like the phenomenon's backstory is pretty fleshed out. And it seems pretty easy to follow, especially when combined with the Primal Reversion lore, since Mega Rayquaza is tied into both. Since there isn't any thread on...
  6. BlackButterfree

    Spoilers ORAS Have A Lot Of Meta In Them...

    Ok, if you haven't finished the game yet and don't want spoilers, this is not the thread for you. At this point, I'm kind of wondering if the next generation will focus on the multiverse theory and have a sort of smashing up of every generation up to that point. I for one would love to see...
  7. BlackButterfree

    Most Evil Of The Main Series Teams?

    Long time fans of the series know that there's been quite a few evil teams in the history of the franchise. These teams have done acts ranging from selling food made from Slowpoke Tails to trying to bomb a region and even trying to recreate the universe! But now it's time to go head to head and...
  8. BlackButterfree

    Is Ash's Original Team Any Good Competitively?

    Note: I don't make threads in this section, I just often post in threads. If there's already a thread like this, or another place where this thread could go, could someone merge it and not delete it? I searched for a bit and didn't see anything similar, so thanks. :) For years I've...
  9. BlackButterfree

    Is This Picture An Actual Screen Grab From The Anime?

    Because if it is, I think it just confirmed that Primeape was returned to Ash off-screen at some point. It's behind Bayleef and Charizard is also there, which means it's during the Unova saga. Also, Squirtle is there, and isn't he supposed to be with the Squirtle Squad in Route 24? Or is he...
  10. BlackButterfree

    Offering Clones In Exchange For Finishing Touches On My Live Dex

    Disclaimer: A good chunk of my Dex is legit, but the rest are from trades, so I can't be certain of their validity. And I definitely have a few Unova 'mon that are hacks that I keep around for filling up the Dex (they all say they're from Sinnoh, which is just hilarious to me) but I'm currently...
  11. BlackButterfree

    What Songs Would You Like To Hear At Symphonic Evolutions?

    Make your own tracklist. Let's say... about twenty to twenty five songs? After all, these songs are rarely longer than a minute and thirty seconds. Mine are in no particular order and span across the entire franchise. I must say, I'm pretty proud of my selections. I hope the entire concert...
  12. BlackButterfree

    Speculation Does The Introduction Of Mega's Mean The Death Of Cross-Gen Evolution Lines?

    Considering Sylveon was introduced along with the 28 Kalos Mega's, it could be argued that cross-gen evolution will remain very much alive. Then again the presence of only Sylveon implies a good-bye to cross-gen evolution. Although technically, Mega Evolution itself is a type of cross-gen...
  13. BlackButterfree

    Speculation Will the 20th Anniversary Bring A Pokémon Yellow Remake?

    After Kalos and its Kanto-centric Pokédex (4/5 legendaries available, 5/5 starters available and 110+ out of the 151 available) I'm sure most Pokéfans are fed up with Kanto. But with the 20th anniversary only 2 years away, it's almost a given that Generation 7 will have the 20th anniversary...
  14. BlackButterfree

    Which Protagonists Are Canon?

    Red is definitely canon, as Leaf wasn't officially introduced until Generation 3 (a character that looks almost identical to her appeared in many Red and Blue artworks, suggesting she was cut at the last minute and was even the basis for Green(US)/Blue(JP) in Pokémon Adventures) and outside of...
  15. BlackButterfree

    Monotype Champions: Remake Their Teams!

    Rules: Only Wallace, Steven, Lance and Iris apply. Alder is implied to be a Bug-type specialist, but he never outright states this, so he can be optional. Only Pokémon from their regional Dexes. Pokémon they've used in battles (Champion battles, PWT battles, Gym battles, etc.) are preferred...
  16. BlackButterfree

    The Gen. 6 Cloning Glitch: Anyone Else Having Any Troubles?

    A few of my friends and I have noticed over the past week or so that the cloning glitch is... well, glitching. This is how it works: You take two 3DS/2DS systems, each with a copy of X and/or Y. You start a trade (a "garbage" Pokémon for the one you want to clone) and whoever gets the garbage...
  17. BlackButterfree

    Speculation Which Gym Leader / Elite 4 Are You Most Excited To Battle Again?

    I have to say Norman. He's the only father of a player character to be present in the entirety of the franchise, and not to mention he's the coolest. I'm also looking forward to Juan, but if Wallace is GL #8 again, with Steven being Champion, then Juan is probably going to be a Contest Boss...
  18. BlackButterfree

    Offering Poké Ball Vivillon

    I need a Genesect holding a Shiny Stone in return. ;) Also, it's a clone of a Pokémon that was traded to me (I'm not giving up the original!) so I can't verify its legitimacy. No offense, but deal with it.
  19. BlackButterfree

    Canonical Reasons For Poké Ball Pokémon?

    As of June 19th, 2014, there are five Pokémon with Poké Ball influenced origins. Voltorb, Electrode, Foongus, Amoonguss and now, Vivillon (the event-exclusive Poké Ball Pattern). While Vivillon is exponentially harder to explain, here's what I've created in my head canon: Foongus and...
  20. BlackButterfree

    Speculation Could The Strange Souvenir Come Into Play In ORAS' Post-Game?

    GameFreak has been showing since Generation 5 that they're not afraid to shake up their formula. The most obvious instances of this are when they made Black 2 and White 2 instead of Gray, and decided to include something as different and game changing as Mega Evolution into ORAS which are most...