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    Desperate need bred Corsola

    As you may or may not know former Bulbagarden Editor in Chief Magnedeth held a twitter competition to win some of his magnemites. as a joke i posted this @MAGNEDETH Either way if I win you're getting a Corsola. EV trained and at level 100 naturally. and i won... and i don't have a...
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    This Suit Does Not Protect Against Gravity [OU RMT]

    This team is my first proper foray into Gen V competetive battling. I'm still getting to up to speed with all of the new pokemon, items and abilities so this team will probably look very Gen IV like in construction. About the team: I love the idea of using strategies that are, for lack of a...
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    TEEN: Cherish the Moments

    Cherish The Moments Welcome to this story. This is a re-write of Cherish the Moments, with minor plot changes and an updated writing style. Hopefully this will entice more readers and make the story more enjoyable to read. The old Cherish the Moments thread will no longer be used but will...
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    Dark Freedom [15]

    Dark Freedom Welcome to this story. This story is rated [15] for coarse language, violence, gore and sexual themes. If you are likely to be offended by such content then please click here. I hold no responsibily for any and all effects on you by reading this work of fiction. This Pokémon...
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    COMPLETE: The Harbour Inn of Canalave City (A Cherish the Moments One-Shot [PG-13])

    Welcome to this One-Shot, I'm glad that you have decided to give it a read. This One-Shot is (obviously) wholly based on the Member Card event within Pokemon DPPt. I have taken the event and built a story around it. So I hope you enjoy reading this twist on the event. If after...
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    COMPLETE: A Year in the Life of a Gym Leader. (A Cherish the Moments One-Shot [PG-13])

    Welcome to this Cherish the Moments One-Shot This story is rated PG-13 for some coarse language This is a diary fic that follows Cypher the flying type Gym Leader for the Air Gym on Springhall Island in the Actopon Region. The following are excerpts from the Diary for the 20XX-20XX+1 season...
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    Hello, I'm new here so i thought i should introduce myself. Im not too sure what to write here, been a pokefan since 1998 and still have my original yellow version (still haven't completed the pokedex though ... i have no friends to connect with) Recently i've started to write fan fiction, and...