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  1. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Oh thank you. This sounds like something small at best. Certainly it is not something comparable to the Battle Frontiers found in Emerald, HGSS and Platinum. Or BW2's PWT. But we will wait and see.
  2. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    But do we know for sure if this Dojo is a proper Battle Facility? Not just some building with plot purposes? Because I remember the Sushi High Roller in Malie City. A "facility" where no battles take place. You only talk to NPCs and get some Heart Scales. I don't want to fall for that trap a...
  3. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Source please? It seems that I missed the Battle Facility bit in the announcement...
  4. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Home is free to download. Whether it is completely free to use all of its features, we don't know yet. And this expansion pass has less new content than what a third version would offer, as far as I can see. So it should absolutely cost less. Game Freak are free to change my mind if they can...
  5. Poké-Boss

    Which is your favourite Psychic Pokemon?

    Metagross, although in my head I always think of him as a steel Pokemon lol
  6. Poké-Boss

    Contest Best Moth/Butterfly Pokémon

    Butterfree, obviously.
  7. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Or, alternatively, you could improve your reading comprehension. I said I prefer DLC. On this very page.
  8. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    I admire your optimism. Knowing GameFreak's recent history of disappointing hardcore fans. The content of this DLC is clearly not going to be equal to half a new game. Which is what is costs.
  9. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Free if you pay for Home or Online... so not really free. My point stands...
  10. Poké-Boss

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    DLC is a great idea to avoid the need for third versions. I love it, in theory. But in practice, the execution is terrible, which is exactly what I expected from Game Freak. They are basically selling us as DLC, things that used to be free in the past. Things like old Pokemon and some scarce...
  11. Poké-Boss

    In the Pokémon World, where would you like to live?

    Main Residence: Olivine City, Johto. It is a very relaxing city, with a cool sea breeze, and we would get daily fresh Moo-Moo milk from the nearby farm. It would also give me easy access to Kanto via ship. Also, the Johto Frontier is very close, so I can battle there as often as I want! Holiday...
  12. Poké-Boss

    In the Pokémon World, where would you like to live?

    In the Pokémon World, where would you like to live? In what Region, and in what particular town or city? You can choose one main residence, and also one holiday residence.
  13. Poké-Boss

    Who's your Pokemon partner? Find out here!

    Personality: I am a very gentle and caring person. I am sensitive and I get offended easily. I am quiet and reserved around strangers, but once I get to trust someone, I become very "open". I also have a great (and very subtle) sense of humour! Hobbies: playing Pokémon videogames, watching...
  14. Poké-Boss

    What is your signature pokemon/pokemon team?

    Easy: Charizard, Pidgeot, Gyarados, Sceptile, Swampert, Salamence, Metagross and Samurott.
  15. Poké-Boss

    The Game Is Out, Time To Discuss

    I honestly believe that SwSh is the most disappointing main series Pokémon game of all time. No additional Battle Facility other than a Vanilla Battle Tower (and even that has been nerfed compared to previous games!) A region that is basically a poor man's Kalos. No sidequest like Contests or...
  16. Poké-Boss

    What do you value in a Pokemon Game?

    What I value the most: A big amount of game content (especially a wide variety of Battle Facilities). Some entertainment sidequests. A fleshed out Region that is atmospheric makes me feel immersed in the game. Interesting Human Characters that are fun to interact with.
  17. Poké-Boss

    The Most Memorable Moment/Experience from Your First Playthrough of a Pokemon Game

    Traveling by Ship, from Johto to Kanto, in Pokémon Silver. Also, first arriving at the Hoenn Battle Frontier, in Pokémon Emerald.
  18. Poké-Boss

    American Presidential Election Thread, 2020 Edition

    Let's ask some more Jews first, before we decide whether Omar is anti-Semitic or not...
  19. Poké-Boss

    American Presidential Election Thread, 2020 Edition

    Even her own party (Democrats) criticized Omar for her anti Semitic comments...