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  1. K

    A possible idea for an art trade program

    I see everyone take requests from others all over the art section, and I love how generous all you artists are to dedicate your time to do so. Because of this, I'm thinking of starting an art exchange program in the Art Alcove. For example, users will sign up and get paired with others by...
  2. K

    Some WIPs

    I've been drawing more lately and I have a lot of unfinished pieces. Nadine (my Pidgeot) WIP Fearow WIP I also have a finished piece in my gallery of Basil, my Meganium.
  3. K

    An idea I've been working on

    For a long time I've been trying to write a fanfic. I'm currently planning my main fic but this new concept I came up with sounds just as great. The tentative title is "Conquering the Skies" and here's the backstory of it- Over a hundred years ago there was a region that thrived on an...
  4. K

    Finally drew something

    I finally managed to finish something- my DA comment will explain it all. Basil in all his lazy glory. Hopefull my creative streak will continue and I put up more stuff.
  5. K

    Simple Art Gallery Q&A

    This thread is for asking simple questions related to art without having to post a new topic. This includes simple spriting questions, questions about resources, help with digital art programs, and help with fanart in general. Make sure to read the other sticky threads to see if your question...
  6. K

    I've Re-awakened

    Hello everyone. I've followed this site for a long time, I registered once but didn't post much. It's impressive how much this site has grown over the years and how it's still going strong. After lurking for a few months I finally decided to post.