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  1. L

    What do you want most right now?

    Either chicken lasagna or Chinese food omg
  2. L

    What part of your appearance do people most comment on?

    I get told I have big pretty eyes, and that they sparkle???? I often get comments on my slim body, and how I'm apparently lucky because I can eat whatever I want without gaining a single pound. And of course I get a lot of comments on how I look Hispanic (I'm half Mexican so yeah)
  3. L


    Hi bubbie, welcome to Bulbagarden (:
  4. L

    Hey there!

    Welcome to the forums! I see you like SAO. :P Hope you have fun here!
  5. L


    Welcome, Yoshi! I hope you have fun here. :D
  6. L

    Hello, everybody!

    Welcome to the forums! c:
  7. L

    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread Vol. 2

    French vanilla instant coffee. xP
  8. L

    Crushes on Fictional Characters

    I have a crush on Kirito from Sword Art Online. :drool:
  9. L

    Your newest purchase

    Lots and lots of clothes. <3
  10. L

    In this topic, we try to tempt each other's appetites: Food Pictures

    Choco cake + ice cream
  11. L

    hey there

    Hi Liza, welcome to Bulba! You've got an awesome avatar! <3
  12. L

    If you had one Legendary what would it be?

    Mew, because it's cute and one of my favorite Pokémon.
  13. L

    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  14. L

    I've Returned

    Welcome back! :D
  15. L

    Mimi-Chan is new!

    Hiya Mimi-Chan, welcome to Bulba! I hope you enjoy your stay. n_n Oh, and my favorite Pokémon is Snivy!
  16. L

    what type of computer do you use?

    I use my (pink) laptop. :3
  17. L

    School- When Does It Start For You?

    I go back to college on August 20th. >_<
  18. L

    Hello fellow bulbagardenias.

    Welcome to the forums! :) My favorite Pokémon is Snivy. <3
  19. L

    Who has the best pizza?

    I don't like pizza very much, but I guess the best I've eaten was at Pizza Hut.