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  1. Poké-Boss

    In the Pokémon World, where would you like to live?

    In the Pokémon World, where would you like to live? In what Region, and in what particular town or city? You can choose one main residence, and also one holiday residence.
  2. Poké-Boss

    If you could only choose ONE Pokémon game to play from now on, which one would you choose? And why?

    Imagine you were told you could only play ONE Pokémon game from now on. And you aren't allowed to play any other Pokémon game in the future, just the one you are about to choose. Which game would you choose? Spin-off Pokémon games are also allowed. Easy mode: you are allowed to choose one main...
  3. Poké-Boss

    Which is your favourite Pokémon of each Elemental Type?

    Which is your favourite Pokémon of each elemental type? You may also explain what is it about its design that you find appealing. Hard mode: you can only list each Pokémon once. You cannot list a dual type Pokémon as your favourite in two different types. Normal: Sawsbuck Fire: Charizard...
  4. Poké-Boss

    Why does Western Media condemn Islamophobia, but not Christianophobia?

    The vast majority of Western Media was terribly concerned about the Islamophobic mosque attack in New Zealand (and rightfully so, needless to say). But, in contrast, when a much bigger anti-Christian terrorist attack occurred in Sri Lanka, against Christians... it was quickly swept under the...
  5. Poké-Boss

    PB's Pokémon Opinions Corner

    Hey guys! I will be posting my opinions about the Pokémon main series games here. I will also make rankings about the different aspects of the main series games, such as ranking my favourite games, features, regions, gym leaders, MCs, etc. So be sure to check them out if you are interested...
  6. Poké-Boss

    Which is your favourite non-battle-related feature in Pokémon?

    Aside of awesome battle related features like the Battle Frontier, PWT, White Treehollow, etc, there have been some really great non-battle-related features throughout the games like Contests, Super Contests, Secret Bases, Sinnoh Underground, Pokeathlon, etc. So, which one is your favourite...
  7. Poké-Boss

    Your Favourite Male Player Characters?

    Which are your favourite male Player Character designs throughout the series? You can also rank all of them from favourite to least favourite. We are talking about the main series games, not the anime, manga, etc. ---------- Here is my list: Ethan (HG/SS) Red (FR/LG) Hilbert Brendan...
  8. Poké-Boss

    Which "not very well known" countries would you like to see as a Pokémon Region in the future?
    Threadmarks: Lo

    I have realized that the reason why I seem to dislike European-based regions in Pokémon, is because Game Freak always choose the obvious choices (France, UK and I bet Spain is next xD). So how about something less obvious? For example, I would really like a Pokémon region based on Bulgaria...
  9. Poké-Boss

    Would you be interested in a NFE-Pokémon-only game or game mode?

    I was thinking... Would you guys be interested in a Pokémon game that follows the exact same base structure of the main series games (beat gyms, defeat villain team, challenge Pokémon League), but with first (and maybe middle) stage evolutions only? I was thinking it could be something like...
  10. Poké-Boss

    The Pokémon main series Music Appreciation Thread

    I have never seen this kind of thread around here, so I thought, wynaut do it? Post your favourite tracks from the main series Pokémon games and share them with your fellow forum members! Enjoy! I will start with my favourite Route 1 theme: View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2ajhgkYFCG0&t=8s
  11. Poké-Boss

    SUPER POLL: What is your FAVOURITE main series Pokémon game (or games) of all time?

    I made a similar thread before the release of Sun and Moon, and I think now is the time for an updated version of that thread, to include Gen VII. Also, some people might have changed their ranking of favourites since 2016. So: 1. Choose your favourite main series game from the poll: the game...
  12. Poké-Boss

    Do Inaccessible Doors and Rooms in Gen VI annoy you?

    Many people criticized XY for the Locked Powerplant sections in Kalos. People even say XY is left incomplete because of those and consider them an "unsolved mystery of Gen VI". I have also heard people complain about the locked doors in Mauville Hills, and also in New Mauville, both in ORAS...
  13. Poké-Boss

    Shigeru Ohmori is the director of SM. Thoughts and opinions?

    I was very shocked to learn that Masuda is not directing SM. It is the first time ever that he is letting somebody else direct an initial pair game. Are you ok with this? Do you think Shigeru Ohmori will do a good job with SM, based on his experience sofar? What do you think of the only game he...
  14. Poké-Boss

    SUPER POLL! Which is, in your opinion, the best Pokemon game ever?

    With Gen VII approaching, and people expecting the next game to be awesome, I think it is a good time to ask (once again), which is, in your opinion, the best main series Pokemon game to date? From Gen I to Gen VI, I have listed all the main series games. You can just say which version you...
  15. Poké-Boss

    What Gen VI features do you expect to be kept in Gen VII?

    Between XY and ORAS, this generation introduced a ton of new features. Which do you expect to be kept in Gen VII, and which ones do you expect to be kept Kalos exclusive and Hoenn exclusive? Here are some: XY: Trainer Customization Natural Objects Pokemon riding Trainer PR videos Sky Battles...
  16. Poké-Boss

    ORAS music opinion?

    Lately I have been listening to the different Pokemon OSTs, so I decided to ask what did you think of the ORAS music? -What's your general opinion of the music? - What's your opinion of the missing Gen III RSE themes in ORAS? Did you miss any of them? Like the Mauville Game Corner, some...
  17. Poké-Boss

    For how long will Game Freak continue to make remakes?

    For how long will remakes keep going as a concept? Personally, I really like remakes as a whole, and I think Game Freak has managed to introduce many new concepts and features to make their remakes new and nostalgic at the same time. My question is, for how long will the concept go? Until all...
  18. Poké-Boss

    Juan in ORAS

    Did you want Juan to be in ORAS, in some way? Or did you prefer not having him in the game? I have been reading comments about that: some people wanted him in the game, but others were glad he was left out. Personally, I only played Emerald from the gen III Hoenn games. So, Juan as the eight...
  19. Poké-Boss

    Are GameFreak favoring the World Championships and competitive battling over in game facilities?

    I was thinking... At the Battle Resort in ORAS, there are a few guys advertising the World Championships, saying they are training for that. So, not only about ORAS and XY, but in general (since gen V actually) , could the reason GF decided to cut the Battle Frontier, and outright state it...
  20. Poké-Boss

    Overhyped features in main series Pokemon games?

    What features that appear/ have appeared in Pokemon main series games, do you think are overhyped by many fans? Give your opinions and say which features you find less interesting than most people.