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    TEEN: Journey through Darkness

    Well since a few people are doing a fic of their palythroughs in the new version games I've decided to do one based on Pokemon Black Version except as the girl character Chapter 1 "Cheren why did you just enter my room without permission it is rude" I say while tying my hair up in a...
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    COMPLETE: Reshiram and Zekrom's Final Stand (FerrisWheelshipping)

    Well this is just a spoof I came up with after doing the final battle against N and Ghetsis on my White game file "I will finally finish you off with Zekrom by my side" N said after White had caught Reshiram who appeared out of the White Stone. His Zekrom standing by his side, who looked...
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    Dont Mess With The Best (Comashippin PG)

    Lol some guy game me this idea "Dammit Pauk why'd you make Dawn cry!" Ash shouted to Paul as Dawn was sitting under a tree feeling very depressed. "Why'd you call her a pathetic coordinator and that she had no chance of winning the festival!?" Ash shouted again. Paul said nothing. "AREN'T...
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    COMPLETE: Conversations Between Pokemon 9Heattagshipping)

    "Okay Piplup you and the others be good while the guys and I head out to the after party" Dawn said to her Piplup. Piplup nodded while the others rolled their eyes. "Make sure to tell the nurse we'll be back soon so she won't kick you out of the center okay?" Dawn asked again. Piplup saluted...
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    Contest Squirtle VS Totodile!!

    Both water starters from the old games which one is the cutest which one has the more badass final evo? Who has best shiny form? Which can pull its own in battles? Have fun with your choosing :)
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    Contest Charizard Vs Typlosion!

    Both final form fire types in the old classic games fro the GBA but which one is best post your answer here! Typlosion IMO since its purely Fire cant go wrong with that :)
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    COMPLETE: Girls Sometimes Arent Worth It

    "Sure is nice to take a break from contests huh Dawn?" Ash asks his blue haired friend Dawn. Pikachu was fast asleep on his back after his last battle against Team Rocket. "Yeah it sure is" Dawn smiled back. A snicker was heard "Piplup please dont do that" she scolded. Piplup shook its head...
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    COMPLETE: Dreams (Hearttagshipping)

    Saw some Hearttagshipping moments so why not write a quick fic about it A harsh battle was fought before the league and Ash won with his partner Pikachu. Slowking did pull through but lost, and Conway felt real upset. Conway saw Ash looking real happy and hugging his Pikachu with a smile on...
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    COMPLETE: Night Stirrings (banditshipping) oneshot

    Hope ya'll enjoy :) "Phew negotiation is really hard these days' Ally Cat whispered as she put her hair back into a ponytail. She also straightned up her clothes. "They owe me for that they really do because doing that kind of stuff isn't easy" she mumbled before letting out her Pichu...
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    I have question

    Yeah I heard that you meet Steven Stone somewhere and you can choose from 1 of the three hoenn starters and he'll mention that Latias/Latios are running around Kanto so what part do you meet him at and where...is it after you get the ticket for the magnet train because I haven't gotten that yet...
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    Other Shinies

    Hey guys did anyone here catch any other shinies besides the Gyarados? I caught a shiny Pidgey on route 29 what shiny pokemon/s did you find, catch and/or killed post 'em here!
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    Pokepal Confrontation (Hero x Grovyle) PG-13

    Figure I might as well do sometihng for the hero and Grovyle cause that's another favorite pair :) Chapter 1 "Time to go!" Grovyle shouted as he tied Dusknoir's hands up with rope that Allison and Jimmy gave him. *What a hero...I wish Jimmy could be as brave as him I can't...
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    COMPLETE: Victory! (Hero x Partner) PG-13 oneshot

    Yeah I've been playing PMD 2 and I saw some hints so I figure I make a fanfiction off of it :D A Squirtle was sitting in the sand near the beach. It was looking at the sunset as if remembering someone. "I feel so bad" Sunflora whispered. "Hey hey! I miss her too" Corphish...
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    Curiosity (PG-13 or R oneshot)

    Well this one came through my head after seeing someone in a RP post some pokemon x human type moments this is for that person! "Wow look at that moon in the sky" Ally whispered as she looked up at the night sky. She noticed it glistening near the water. "Hey little girl it isn't safe...
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    Double Dating Can Sometimes Be Trouble (Darkmagicshipping, Banditshipping) Pg-13

    Well y'know how double dating can sometimes be less stressful? Well this one might not be :) Chapter 1 "What is this drabble you speak of!" Count Bleck shouts to his minions. He banged his fist on his desk. "Answer Count Bleck!" he said agian. "Well you see count we are just simply...
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    COMPLETE: Christmas Present (Banditshipping, Darkmagicshipping oneshot)

    Well I figure I might as well have a fanfition of christmas hookups even though it's the day after christmas "Wow it's already Christmas" Midnight whispered as she looked out her bedroom window and saw icicles hanging from the tree branches. "Well better wake up the others" she muttered...
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    Mistletoe Mishaps (Darkmagicshipping, Banditshipping) PG

    Well I figure since we're getting near our fav holiday I'm going to post a Christmas type story of the characters my friend and I came up (and two bad guys from SPM) with I'm not sure I'll forget well enjoy Prolouge "Still can't beleive she has one of these mistletoes....but I can...
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    COMPLETE: Monster Mishmash (Banditshipping oneshot)

    Well after drawing many pictures and coming up with good ideas for a fanfic and choosing which idea to write I have chosen this I hope it shall be to your liking...enjoy! "Why'd you have to do it huh? We weren't going to hurt you anyways!" Midnight scolded to her friend Ally Cat. It was...
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    Drama In The Castle

    Prolouge "Cool we made it" a brunette girl said to her small toy T-rex. "According to the map this place is called Flipside" she whispered as she eyed her map. "And there is the portal..." she muttered as she looked at a blackish purple vortex in the sky. She walked over to the elevator...
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    Pairing Services Are Never Reliable (Poke,Contest, Ikari, Oldrivalshipping rated T)

    Well this idea has been floating around my head for a couple of weeks so I might as well post it here Prolouge "Misty are you sure this is going to work" Ash asked his girlfriend Misty who was looking through the phone book. "Yeah I'm sure it will work Ash!" Misty said as she found...