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    Megaupload shut down by the US Government

    Feds Shutter Megaupload, Arrest Executives | Threat Level | Wired.com And right after the SOPA protests this happens.... While it was used for Piracy, it also had plenty of legit uses as well....
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    Cruise Ship strikes rocks, 6 dead so far.

    Overhead Bin - Rescue divers resume search of stricken Italian cruise ship
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    Krohn's 2011

    2 things I'd like to point out: 1. Ektar 100 is AWESOME! 2. The dust and light leaks are probably from the bad processing job. I'm not going back to sam's ever...next time I'm going to the pro lab.
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    What happened to OPG and Dubious Disc

    Somehow all the threads vanished and there is nothing there. What happened? Are they getting merged or is there a glitch?
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    Random Pics from my NYC trip

    I finally got my pics back from Sam's. Luckily, they are better at scanning, but sadly, all the handling of the film on the trip caused light leaks for some of the pics. D: All were taken with a Nikon n8008s. AF Nikkor 35-105, Fuji Superia 200. AF Nikkor 35-105, Kodak GC400. AF Nikkor...
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    Making up for the fact I forgot to make one back in 08....

    Hello. It's me Gligar13. I forgot to make a intro thread in 08, so I am making one now. Anyways, I suck at intros, but I am into many things including anime, Pokemon, Video games, and manga. But I like this forum. :D
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    Summer 2011

    This summer, I went many places. I took many pictures too. Now for the pictures, oh, and that CVS branded Fuji 400 was whack. All the colors are weird too, it has this reddish shift. Or it may be my camera or the scanner at Kroger, IDK. All were taken on my nikon n8008s: And now for some...
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    Contest Raichu VS Pikachu

    2 Pokemon. One famous due to the anime and being in almost every media, one almost forgotten about by the games and anime but more powerful. Who will win?
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    Spring Flowers (and decay)

    First off let me say this: I hate digital cameras. They focus on the wrong thing, they have lots of useless options that make certain types of photography hard, and don't let you manual focus. Oh, and with crappy weather, there weren't as many flowers this year. With that said, here are my...
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    Contest Manaphy VS Phione

    It's the Manaphy line poll. Which one is better, and who will win?
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    My Nature/Flower Pictures

    I have taken a lot of flower and nature pictures. Here is one of my favorites: I took this with a Nikon N8008s, Fuji Reala 100 film, and a slow shutter speed. Another one I like: Same roll, same camera as last one. Both were taken at the Krohn Conservatory, in Cincinnati...
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    Contest Charizard VS Blastoise

    Which one do you like more? Charizard or Blastoise?
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    Pokemon Blue team

    I have Pokemon blue and i need suggestions for a powerful team. Please help me.