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  1. D

    That Pokemon Isn't Legendary!

    Are there any legend pokemon that shouldn't have that status... maby you're old school and think that all pokemon with genders can't be it or stats. or are there pokemon that you would concider legend dispite concidered otherwise personally I concider manaphy legend but not phonie I do...
  2. D

    Draya's Random Goodies

    ✯ Well I'm Back and spriting so here is my all new shop ✯ -------------------------------------------------------------- ✯ I am Currently: Open ✯ -------------------------------------------------------------- ✯ Rules ✯ 1. All Forum Rules Apply 2. If I am taking a while with you...
  3. D

    Least Favourite Water Starter

    very simple... vote your least favourite water starter this is for an art project so i would like to get results asap :bounce:
  4. D

    Always Room For Improvement

    So basicly this is just to see how spriting has improved for me over the last half a year or so (top is the originals, bottom are the reamkes)
  5. D

    ☆The DreamWorld Gallery (now with tutorial)☆

    ☆ I Opened a new shop so be shure to check it out xD (Before i close it again anyway)☆ ------------------------------------------------------- ☆ For a while I have been making these "dream world splices" and have been trying to spread it until it is something common (I have never seen one...
  6. D

    Dream World Splicing

    anyway... last week i started splicing dream world sprites as a part of my art shop and... i wanted to get an opinion on what everyone elce thought of them (in order: Gallade x Lucario (Galldawg), Raquaza x Salamance (Razalance), Joltik x Absol (this was my first one... Soltik)) i...
  7. D

    Pokemon League Swap Puzzle (for the true pokemon fans)...

    I only just discovered it and couldnt find a thread for it so here it is if you dont know what the pokemon league swap is the link for it is below (true die-hard pokemon fans only) The Pokémon League Swap Meet | Altered Origin ok this is basicly a brian teaser that if you dont know how it...
  8. D

    Which Bulbagarden skin do you like to use???

    One of the awesome things about bulbagarden is the awesome skins... which one/s do you use the most and which one are you currently using... i love and from now on will always use 'rocket garden' Thankyou to the bulbagarden crew who make the forums so awesome!!! THANKYOU BMGf
  9. D

    Contest Excadrill vs Sandslash

    A little while ago i did a poll for Drilbur Vs Sandshrew now the contest has evolved... ^got bored and made that myself^ my program was stuffing up and i couldnt get the background transperent... i'll try again later which is coolest??? which would win??? which is most memorable...
  10. D

    Pokemon Battle Subway Tactics

    What are your foolproof tactics to help you beat the ever so hard battle subway... questioners welcome mine is to use a combo of my Blastoise, Hydreigon and Reuniclus Reuniclus uses trick room and then psychic and recover for as long as it can (holding a razor fang or kings rock) when...
  11. D

    Pokemon Rage Quit Moments...

    have you ever had a rage quit at pokemon??? what caused your rage quit??? ive only tryed chaining for shinys about 20 times with only 2 sucsesses (onix and ponyta)... i get to about 40 then normally rage quit and refuse to play pearl for a coupple of days i also rage quit when i couldnt...
  12. D

    Starter Types

    You are not shure what region you are in... nor the pokemon you recive as your starter... you are asked a simple question: Grass, Fire or Water you dont know what pokemon youll get but it you choose a type there is a 1 in 5 chance youll get the exact pokemon you want but there my be a...
  13. D

    Contest Sandshrew vs Drilbur

    i always put them together so out of Drilbur and Sandshrew wich is your favourite... the original or the newbie VS. which is cutest??? which would win??? which is most memorable??? which has the better evolution??? which is your favourite???
  14. D

    pokemon Differences

    ok so ive been hearing alot of people complaining about certain pokemon that look different to there pre-evo's... some i honestly dont think are too bad but still alot of people claim that it usally gets worse (eg. dragonair to dragonite [i personally love dragonite])... state your opinion...
  15. D

    Contest The Splash Battle

    Splash is a useless attack use to exaggerate the uselessness of a particular Pokémon (the first and most famous being Magikarp) however there are several other Pokémon that have been given the opportunity to learn splash… which one is your favourite and why??? Pokémon that learn splash...
  16. D

    Contest Steelix vs Excadrill

    which of these 2 pokemon would win... the 2nd gen steel/ground type steelix... or the 5th gen ground/steel type excadrill... (they are the only ground and steel types... thay both live and burrow underground) who is king of the underground!!! which one is the strongest??? which has the...
  17. D

    Favorite Dark type

    as you can probally tell im a bit of a dark nut so i want to see how they would go in a poll which is your favourite out of all the dark typed pokeomon and why???... (i am counting evolutionary chains... eg. you like zorua so vote zoroark... i just dont want too many options in one poll...
  18. D

    Pokemon Evolution

    There are many ways for a pokemon to evolve... examples of this are: leval up trade stones and items max happiness and some pokemon that dont evolve at all as well as many other methods what is your favored method of evolution, which is the hardest and/or most anoying to carry out, the...
  19. D

    Contest who would win out of all the 'little legendaries'

    they may be small, they may be cute, but most of them pack a punch... and they are all legendary no matter how small they are...:crush: which is your favorite Little Legendary :crush: which is the most powerful??? which is the most dificult to obtain??? which has the best stats??? which...
  20. D

    Contest Arcanine vs. Houndoom vs. Mightyena vs. Luxray vs. Stoutland

    One random pokemon from each generation of pokemon... who would come out on top in a fight for leadership??? who is the best looking??? who has the best stats??? who comes from the best pre-evo(s)??? who has the best use??? who is your favourite??? mine is houndoom... he is wicked...