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    Speculation Can we join the enemies yet?

    I wish that would happen! I want to join Team Magma so much; it'd be ace :)
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    Don't want spoilers, but have a question? Ask it here!

    Just in case for spoilers xD
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    Don't want spoilers, but have a question? Ask it here!

    I got one please! Don't wanna watch the trailer and give stuff away but I've seen some piccies to it.
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    Would You Like to See More Sequels?

    I want a sequel to X and Y because I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know what happens to Lysandre. (Preferably something lovely and nice). If horrid things happen to him, I shall let my cat eat the game :P
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    The First Glitch You Ever Exploited

    Missingno/M/Mewtwo up the side of the island as well. Also "Look under this truck, you will find Mew". Nope, no Mew xD
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    Team Aqua and Magma

    Thank you xD Don't think I've ever lost so many ships in one go! Heh, you asked, you shall know :P Maxie/Shelley, Archie/Courtney and Matt/Tabitha. An' now they are all sunk, boohoo! Darnit, I'm probably getting AS...I'd be dead scared if Tabitha goes evil in the post game. He's scary...
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    Team Aqua and Magma

    Man I just went on and read the desc of the bad guys. Somebody get me a lifebelt; all my ships have sunk xD Matt and Archie sound like they are gonna be slashed so much, ha! (I mean this in a good way) - Courtney sounds like she may be autistic. Shelley and Maxie sound like I kinda reckoned...
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    Team Aqua and Magma

    Ha, I would much rather go out with Maxie than Archie cus I reckon Maxie is hotter, also he looks like he may be into heavy metal \m/ I am so glad Tabitha has got eyes though; I was kind worried he was eyeless, like Brock xD
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    Spoilers Character Redesigns: Yay or Nay?

    Ha, yes! The 70s called, Wally :)
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    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    I want a Platinum remake too :) As long as they leave in the awesome music, I'll be OK! I have a nice Girantina (not like the mean one in Platinum who doesn't be nice to certain charries I like :P). Mine is shiny and my nephew gave him to me :) He's a legit one, he came from a shop, a GAME...
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    Which Pokemon will you have on your team?

    Re: Which Pokemon will be in your team? I'm going to trade over a couple of my shiny babies (my Abra and Espurr) from Pokemon X. I haven't trained them at all so they are level 1 and I can train them up early on in Sapphire. I also want to catch another wild Abra, lol.
  12. C

    Familial relationship headcanons

    I always think that Hilbert and Hilda are twins :)
  13. C

    The First Starter You've Picked For Each Generation?

    1: Charmander 2: Cyndaquil 3: Mudkip 4: Piplup 5: Snivy 6: Fennekin
  14. C

    Character customizations?

    Cheers for telling me that :) As a girl metalhead, I am now like Raaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgnnnnnnnnnnn! Gngngngngngnnng! >:( How sexist towards May! I'm not going to do contests if that happens :P
  15. C

    Character customizations?

    Oh, I can't find it in Google :/ Does May have to wear a pink dress in contests? That's not fair if she does xD
  16. C

    Super Training

    I found it dull, personally :/ I mean, it's cool if other people liked it but I honestly preferred Pokemon Amie.
  17. C

    darkest story moment?

    I use wireless to trade with my nephew (which involves us wiggling the 3DS sytems about a lot as we try and align them xD) Nope, Lysandre must be alright because he is one of my fave characters and nothing dreadful is alloed to happen to anybody I like :P I do think if he needed rescuing, he'd...
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    What's the most time you've clocked into a Pokemon game?

    I don't play for too long cus then I wanna start again from the beginning, lol. I think it's about 230 hours in X but I'm bored so I'm gonna start it again :)
  19. C

    darkest story moment?

    Awesome, cheers :) I was sad when wifi ended for G5, that majorly sucked! *Checks sleeve* Aha, here we are ;) I don't reckon Lysandre is buried alive, no way are they gonna put something that dark in a game for nippers. Even if he was, he's got the holo caster, he's just call Prof Sycanmore...