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  1. Vyrron

    Mega Evolutions/Regional variants/Z-moves

    The special mechanics introduced in Generations 6 and 7. Do you think they will return in Sword & Shield? Or will they be dismissed in favor of new mechanics? Also which Pokemon do you think or would like to see get new Megas, variants or Z-moves?
  2. Vyrron

    Starters Discussion

    Which is your favorite starter so far? And which one will you most likely pick?
  3. Vyrron

    Your Hopes for Ultra Sun & Moon

    Is there something that you hope is in the new games? Or what new features do you expect them to add? Here's what I want personally: Walking Pokemon. I mean we know they have the animations ready, and it'll definitely be a selling point for USUM. Expanded Battle Tree. With all the cameos of...
  4. Vyrron

    Ultra Beasts Speculation

    So the new trailer introduced a new type of creature: Ultra Beasts. What are they exactly? A new branch of Legendary Pokemon (like Mythicals)? A new kind of Pokemon altogether? Are they even Pokemon? And what role will they play in Sun & Moon's plot? What we know so far: UB-01 UB-01’s...
  5. Vyrron

    Moves & Abilities Discussion/Speculation

    So what kind of abilities and moves do you think/hope they will introduce in Generation VII? And which of the old ones will be nerfed/buffed? Do you think they will remove certain moves/abilities for the sake of simplicity like Ken Sugimori mentioned?
  6. Vyrron

    Team Skull Speculation

    Since this is a new generation, we're more than likely getting a new team. What do you think they'll be called? Lots of names have been suggested already such as Team Eclipse, Dusk, Dawn, Solar, Lunar etc. Do you think we'll only get one team or two different ones? What will their plans and...
  7. Vyrron

    Generation VII Mega Evolutions?

    As we all know, Mega evolution is one of the most prominent features introduced in Gen VI. Do you think old Mega evolutions will return in Gen VII? Will the mechanics stay the same? Do you think they will introduce new ones? And which Pokemon do you hope/think will get a Mega evolution? Imo...
  8. Vyrron

    Trailers and News Discussion

    Where to look for news: Japanese Pokémon Youtube Channel English Pokémon Youtube Channel English Sun/Moon Website Japanese Sun/Moon Website ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February: Announcement trailer...
  9. Vyrron

    Contest Vulpix vs. Zorua vs. Fennekin

    vs. vs. Which unevolved fox Pokemon is your favorite? For me it's Vulpix > Zorua > Fennekin.
  10. Vyrron

    The Player Search System (PSS) and its features

    In Generation II we got the Pokégear, in Generation III the PokéNav, in Generation IV the Pokétch and in Generation V the C Gear. What do you think we'll get this time and how will it work? Discuss. Update Image of the new gadget:
  11. Vyrron

    What will you get: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

    Which one will you buy? Discuss.
  12. Vyrron

    Pokemon with clothing

    Pokemon that appear to wear clothes like Jynx, Machoke, Machamp, Hitmonchan, Sawk, Throh etc., do you think they really wear clothes? Or do you think those "clothes" are actually growths and textures that make the pokemon appear as if they were wearing clothes? Discuss p.s.: sorrry if...
  13. Vyrron

    Are you going to buy Black 2 or White 2?

    Now that we know Black and White 2 are set to be released in Japan in June 2012, and sometime during Fall 2012 internationally, which one are you planning to buy? White Kyurem (Kyurem/Reshiram) is the version mascot for White 2 while Black Kyurem (Kyurem/Zekrom) is the version mascot for...