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    Contest Dragonite VS. Haxorus

    VS. So it's Dragonite the original Dragon versus Haxorus the axe wielding Dragon. I'll start... Which one would win: Well Dragonite has more bulk and a very useful ability "Multiscale", so it gives Dragonite an opportunity to set up a Dragon Dance, or to just 1HKO Haxorus with an Outrage...
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    Contest The legendary Dragon's VS. The vagaries of Water

    DRAGON VS. WATER The Dragon and Water types are my two favourite types, so I thought it would be interesting to pin each against each other. So think about all the Pokemon in each group and overall which one would be victorious. When I think about it I truly believe the Dragons have...
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    What Pokemon Are You?

    What Pokemon do you tend to favor and pick to train in the Pokemon games. Is it the Cute and Cuddly ones? Is it the Beautiful and Graceful ones? Is it the Beastly and Roaring ones? Is it the odd looking ones? I like all kinds, but I think it's interesting to know what...
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Important Notice: Hi everyone! If you have been waiting a while I'm sorry. The computer with the software that I use is currently not working, so I am temporarily unable to complete requests at this time. Please be patient and I will complete your requests once I have a working program...
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    You as a Gym Leader/Gym Theme/Gym Puzzle in the game.

    I thought I would post this, as I find it interesting to know what everyone would choose as their gym in the game. This is a list of things you would have in your gym: Pokemon Type Gym Theme Gym Puzzle Gym Leader Theme Pokemon Party Gym Name Gym Leader Name My Gym would be a multi-type gym...
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    What is your favourite town or city in Generation 1?

    Let's take a trip down memory lane and vote for what your favourite town or city was in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Mine were Saffron City and Cinnabar Island because I remember taking ages defeating Team Rocket at Saffron and Exploring the Lab at Cinnabar. It was all good fun :p
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    The older the game the more powerful the Pokemon.

    I have just recently found my old Gameboy Color and my old version of Yellow and Crystal too :p I thought I would check out the pokemon I had previously and OMG I could not believe the EV's that they had obtained. I completely forgot how bulky and more powerful pokemon were in the olden days...