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  1. Puddle

    A discussion on pokemon gaming difficulty

    This is especially true in Sword and Shield because of Dynamax. With "switch" you can save your strongest Pokemon, then switch to it at the same time that your opponent sends out their last Pokemon, and Dynamax at the same time as them with full HP. With "set", you have to plan ahead a bit and...
  2. Puddle

    Least Favorite Third/Enhanced Version

    In terms of which game I enjoy playing the least, probably Yellow, because I feel that none of the Gen I games have aged particularly well. But my vote goes to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon because they're the only games on this list which, in my opinion, failed to improve upon their predecessors...
  3. Puddle

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    Not necessarily. Mega Evolution is easy to incorporate into any region, but including Dynamax in Sinnoh would require major changes. They'd have to make the Gyms stadium-sized, completely redesign the Pokemon League, include Pokemon Dens somewhere, and add Power Spots to other significant...
  4. Puddle

    Memes you dislike?

    To be honest, I'm not really a fan of memes in general. Occasionally I see one that makes me laugh (like "Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit"), but they're usually so surreal or obscure that I don't understand them. It's like being in a room full of people, and they're all laughing at something but...
  5. Puddle

    What languages have you experienced Pokémon in?

    I've only ever played the games and watched the anime in English (apart from a few Japanese anime clips on YouTube, and of course the Japanese game and movie trailers), but at primary school I had a Japanese friend who liked Pokemon. She had a Japanese copy of Pokemon Ruby, which was exciting...
  6. Puddle

    Never played V generation games.

    To elaborate further on what I said about Black 2 and White 2's story, I think it is a good story by Pokemon game standards. In fact it might be slightly above average, with some good characterization, especially for Hugh (I won't spoil anything as the OP hasn't played the games yet). The only...
  7. Puddle

    pick a house

    Even though my favourite region is Galar, I think I'm going to have to choose House B. It has the two regions I grew up with, Johto and Hoenn, and I love Kalos too. House B also has Mega Evolutions, the only two games with stereoscopic 3D, and - assuming I can play Crystal on the Virtual...
  8. Puddle

    Never played V generation games.

    All the fifth generation games are great! I highly recommend playing Black or White first, though, because the story in those games is the best that the Pokemon series has ever done, in my opinion. Like Sheep said, the story in Black 2 and White 2 isn't as good.
  9. Puddle

    What Gen 8 Pokemon Won the Biggest Piece of your Heart?

    Surprisingly, Inteleon! I didn't like Inteleon that much when I first saw it, but it quickly grew on me. It's classy, stylish and also a little bit camp, which I find endearing and, as a gay guy, somewhat relatable. I just feel like Inteleon really suits me somehow. My other favourites are...
  10. Puddle

    What little things, details, and other small additions in Sword/Shield that you like

    They're still there! But they're quite easy to overlook, because the boxes are all set to the plain wallpaper by default now and you have to change them manually.
  11. Puddle

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    DPPt and ORAS definitely made the best use of the bottom screen, along with HGSS, which displayed the menu at all times and let you register two key items that you can tap on, which was neat. X and Y's bottom screen is good too, but ORAS has more options. I quite liked the Rotom Dex in SM, but...
  12. Puddle

    What little things, details, and other small additions in Sword/Shield that you like

    When viewing a Pokemon's Ribbons, there's now an option to "attach" a ribbon to your Pokemon, giving it a title. For example, if you attach the Galar Champion Ribbon to a Pikachu, it'll say "Go! Pikachu the Galar Champion!" when you send it into battle. You can also do the same thing by...
  13. Puddle

    A discussion on pokemon gaming difficulty

    This is a really good point. It must be quite a challenge to get the difficulty level right when designing a video game, because everyone's experience with the game will be different. This is especially true of a series like Pokemon where the games are designed for people of all ages. Game...
  14. Puddle

    What little things, details, and other small additions in Sword/Shield that you like

    - Nature Mints - Most trade evolutions appearing in the wild - Type-themed PC wallpapers (although I wish they'd kept the old ones too) - Pokemon having titles depending on the ribbon attached - The rental teams and rank system, which make the Battle Tower more accessible There's also an...
  15. Puddle

    [Info] Location of Lapras in Galar's Route 2.

    I was wondering why I couldn't find a Lapras on Route 2! That's quite a nice callback to Union Cave where it only appeared on Friday nights. Thanks for the info!
  16. Puddle

    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    I was born in 1994. At the time of writing I'm 25, turning 26 next week. I thought it would be fun to figure out how old I was when each generation of games first came out in the UK (where I live)... Red and Blue - 5 Gold and Silver - 6 Ruby and Sapphire - 8 (9 a few weeks later) Diamond and...
  17. Puddle

    A discussion on pokemon gaming difficulty

    This is me, exactly! I play Pokemon games to relax and don't like them to frustrate me or raise my adrenaline levels too much. I'm currently playing Pokemon Ranger for the first time. I was enjoying it at first, but the part with Grimer and Muk in the sewers was brutal. It's a complete maze...
  18. Puddle

    What was the last thing that made you happy?

    I watched Rise of the Guardians for the first time last night and it left me with a warm, glowing feeling and a couple of happy tears in my eyes. Such a sweet, uplifting film. I highly recommend it to anyone who is young at heart and needs cheering up. Also, watching my 15-year-old dog...
  19. Puddle

    Spoilers The Official Travelog + Let's Play Thread

    I've just started playing Pokemon Ranger for the first time. It's a second-hand copy that I've had for years, but never got around to playing. I decided it was about time I played through it so I can find out if there's still a Manaphy egg on it or not. The fact that the last save file wasn't...
  20. Puddle

    Changes/Additions you would make in an update to SwSh

    I just realized I'd completely forgotten about model scaling! I'd improve that too. The fact that Let's Go already fixed this, as well as the fact that Sword and Shield's main mechanic revolves around Pokemon sizes, makes the problem all the more conspicuous. According to the Pokedex...